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As A Person Living In A Pro Gun State, It’s Kind Of Funny Seeing The What Kind Of Guns Get Seized In Other Places

Breaking911- Police officers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recovered two firearms and arrested a man for assault. On Saturday, April 15, officers assigned to the 90 Precinct responded to a residence after receiving a call for an assault that took place. The victim indicated that she was assaulted by her boyfriend and that he had threatened her. The police officers were able to locate the suspect’s car and observed two firearms inside.
The 28-year-old man was arrest and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and menacing. A loaded .45 caliber handgun and a 16 gauge shotgun were recovered.


I never make a big issue out of gun debates. I let that shit fly right by me. I have a number of them, I care a lot more about the government taking away my T.V. and internet than taking my guns. Sure i like to go target shooting every now and then and when i was living alone it does offer a small piece of mind at night. But also, it gave me some knowledge on insights into firearms which makes me less intimidated by them. Case and point, this guy with his .45 caliber Hi point which has probably THE WORST reputation in the world for pistols. I’m curious what this guy plans on doing with that thing because I’m pretty sure the slide might melt by the time he empties a full magazine out of that thing if it doesn’t just shatter in his hands after the first round.  But the best part about this picture is the fucking shot gun. 16 gauge?!?!?! My god I don’t even think I’ve ever even seen a 16 gauge before. Honestly it’s peak Williamsburg. If any trendy hipster asshole from Williamsburg were to get some sort of fire arm, it would be a shot gun like this. Not anything practical, proven, or trusted like a Glock, 1911, or a S&W revolver. Nothing with ease to use like a regular pump action shotgun chambered in a caliber that is powerful enough to stop a criminal. No, a typical Williamsburg hipster would chose something with wood furniture, an inconvenient single shot, and a caliber that they dont even sell in stores much anymore. Such a hipster move.

I Can’t Wait For The 2019 Sequel To Unbreakable ***Split: SPOILERS***

Heroic Hollywood- It’s official: Unbreakable is finally getting a sequel, with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson returning as David Dunn and Elijah Price, respectively. James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy are also on board. The new film is titled Glass and is set for release on January 18, 2019.
More to come…


You thought Marvel and DC were the only ones coming with the heat in superhero movie universes? Wrong. Universal is throwing their hat in the ring with by far the weirdest super hero movie. 2019 we don’t just get the Infinity War sequel and what ever shitty DC movie, but we get Glass now as well. Now being completely honest, I only saw parts of Split so I don’t know if the movie is that good or anything but what i do know is when i got to the end when the dramatic ass music started playing I kept thinking to my self is this is sounding like its going to lead to something big, and then out of know where you just hear it…

“Glass….Mr. Glass….”

David Motherfucking Dunn. Honestly it was just so shocking that out of no where we get a sequel to a movie that was mildly famous from the early 2000s. M. Night Shyamalan might not be anyone’s favorite movie director anymore or ever especially since after The Village, but his name still means something in Hollywood apparently. Guy is just synonymous with plot twist like Michael Bay is synonymous with giant summer blockbuster explosions on highways. So in a world that we live in now where every studio wants there to be spin off cinematic universe, Marvel’s MCU, The DC extended Universe,  Star wars, Harry Potter, etc It would be kind of interesting to see how this movie Glass will go. I assume its somehow the worlds most frail villain teams up with James McAvoys character who is now The Horde who’s a manifestation of personalities and pure anger or some shit. And David Dunn will don his security officers uniform and signature rain poncho and take Ann Taylor Joy’s character from Split and team up. Wild. I think it’s more the vagueness and unfamiliarity that makes me want to watch it. I know what Superman and Iron Man are all about. But David Dunn is just an unbreakable super hero ready to get back into fighting crime.

The Hottest New Drug On The Street To Get Faded On Is Elephant Tranquilizer

The Washington Post- A substance used to tranquilize elephants that is 100 times more potent than the drug that killed Prince is hitting the Washington suburbs, adding the region to a growing list of communities nationwide reporting fatal overdoses linked to the exotic and toxic sedative.
Three cases out of Anne Arundel and Frederick counties this month mark the first carfentanil-related fatalities in Maryland, alarming local health and law enforcement officials already in a state of emergency combating the opioid crisis.
On Monday, a Virginia man pleaded guilty in a drug distribution case after selling $100 of carfentanil-laced heroin to a 21-year-old found dead by her mother on the bathroom floor of their Fairfax County home.
In recent weeks, police departments across the country announced carfentanil-related fatalities, including cases in Illinois, Colorado, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Law enforcement officials fear the growing lethal overdoses tied to the synthetic opioid marks a new normal in the nation’s heroin epidemic.
“We have never seen death like we do now,” said Tom Synan, head of Hamilton County Heroin Coalition in Ohio, which was among the first spots to discover a string of carfentanil deaths during a week in which the county’s overdoses more than doubled.

Gotta love the the opiate options out there these days. You think parents back then were screaming for arrest and trying to protect their kids from the crazy devil rap music talking about smoking weed, well buck up, Mothers out there. Weed is going to be legal soon enough nationwide and you gotta now protect your kids from using elephant tranquilizer used to sedate a 3 ton animal behemoth. I gotta say, there’s some level of amazement out there. I mean when we live in a world where people take Oxycontin, Cocaine, Crack, LSD, Ketamine, Vicodin, Morphine, Methadone, Heroin, Percocets,  MDMA, Crystal meth, GHB, Psilocybin mushrooms, Salvia, DMT, PCP, Barbiturates, Xanax, Valium, Rohypnol, Synthetic weed, Alcohol, and Weed in general, druggies will always find another way to get high. Case and point, someone thought all of these very well known party drugs, downers, and uppers, thought it would be a good idea to take a syringe full of Carfentanil used to tranq elephants and rhinos and decided to use it to get fucked up.  Put nothing past drug addicts and their method of getting high. Wouldn’t even be surprised if they straight up told a zoo keeper to shoot em straight in the jugular.


Jeff Goldblum Is Returning For The Jurassic World Sequel

THR- Jeff Goldblum is returning to the land of dinosaurs.
The actor, who co-starred in 1993’s Jurassic Park and 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park, will appear in Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s next Jurassic World film.

Growing up as a 90’s kid you have to love the Jurassic Park series. Sure Jurassic World didn’t do much for me. It was so animated and was just one big ad inside of an ad inside of a movie. They really hit the name on the head back when the 1st one came out. Those dinosaurs looked real as fuck, and while i do like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, Jurassic World was a very soft movie to me. You know what really killed me about? Those fucking kids. They suuuuccckkkked. So annoying. One kid crying about his mommy parents divorce, the other one being just a weird loser asshole. Make sure those kids don’t come back. Bring back in Professor Malcom. Definitely bring back in BD Wong, the mad scientist who concocted all these dinosaur assholes and now we’re cooking with gas. Wouldn’t mind a small cameo or mention to Sam Neills character as well. I’m all in. Summer 2018 is gonna be one hell of a summer block buster.

Tough Break For United Airlines PR Firm Who Now Has To Deal With The Fact That They Murdered A Giant Rabbit

TMZ- United Airlines is catching more flak this week after a rabbit set to become the world’s biggest bunny died on-board one of its flights.
The 3-foot bunny named Simon reportedly died Monday night on a United flight from Heathrow to O’Hare — yes, really.
The breeder, Annette Edwards, says Simon was healthy before boarding … but was found dead in the plane’s cargo hold upon landing. It was reportedly on its way to a new celeb owner in the States.
The rabbits cost around $6,400 to raise, and Edwards sells them for $640 a pop. Simon, who was 10 months old, was expected to surpass his 4-foot, 4-inch dad … and snag the record for world’s biggest.
United — which is already dealing with a PR nightmare — reportedly said it was saddened to hear this news and that it’s trying to determine why Simon died.


What an omen for the oncoming nightmare it is working with United Airlines. Airplanes in general have been taking L and L since one of them just vanished over open water. Ever since then planes have just never recovered. More go missing or get shot down with 0 survivors in sight. Now your dragging bodies out of the cargo hold, human or animal, and just waiting for lawyers to throw law suits at you. Terrible times, but this one kinda takes the cake no? Right in the middle of spring you kill of an animal that’s a symbol of fertility and life. And none the less a giant one. Like you didn’t kill a small symbol of life and comfort, you killed a world record symbol. Dark times ahead for United for sure now…..






…..Id still fly them if they’re cheap enough.


Gotta Give Props To This Alcoholic For Barging Through Cops And Into His Blazing Home To Get 2 Cans Of Bud ICE Premium

APRIL 24–A South Dakota man was arrested yesterday afternoon after he pushed past police and firefighters so that he could “save” his beer inside an apartment building that was aflame.
Michael Casteel, 56, was collared outside his home, a multifamily residence in Sioux Falls. As emergency workers were treating other building residents for injuries, Casteel, cops say, persisted in trying to reenter the building (seen above) to retrieve beer from his apartment.
Casteel succeeded in returning to his home, where he grabbed two cans of Bud Ice Premium, cops say. Upon exiting the building with cans in hand, Casteel was arrested for his ill-advised beer run.
A police spokesperson charitably described Casteel’s devotion to his suds as “poor judgment.”
Casteel, charged with obstructing a firefighter or law enforcement official, was booked into the Minnehaha County jail


Fuck this police spokesperson for labeling this guy’s action as poor judgement. I mean it is, but you can’t say its not impressive and a total showing of love and devotion. What when you hear stories of a mom lifting the front end of a 1 ton car to save her child would you call that poor judgement? No, exactly. You’d just say it’s one of those examples of super human abilities that come over a person to save the thing they love. That’s what this guy showed. Probably ran from down the street and busted in there with out a beat. Also, feel like its a safe bet he only saved 2 coming out of the fire cause he drank the 3rd one in the house fire. Guy was probably sweating bullets when his kitchen is set ablaze but doesn’t matter cause he has a nice Bud Ice Premium to quench his thirst. Just an impressive feat that he’s getting unfairly arrested for. It’s his house, he should be able to run in there to save his loved ones. I mean if your a cop and a fire fighter, you should either put up a better fight or just marvel at his iron tough will to recover his beers. Just sit back and watch. There goes my hero, watch him as he goes.

Russian Tram Driver Plows Into A Car With Out A Flinch


No emotion what so ever. Another day, another bitch in the way of the tram that she has to just punch through with a giant public transportation vehicle. You think this was 1st time this happened for this woman? Might be the 1st one of that day maybe. Judging by her reaction, her career as a public tram driver would probably wow Michael Bay. Not a fuck given. What she gonna do stop the tram with a dozen people on it who need to get from point A to point B? Get your shit off the road or else shes gonna punch right through. And to be fair, i think she was trying to slow down the whole time. Not her fault that it takes a fuck ton to slow down the kinetic energy of a giant ass train. But her reaction afterwards. Just stop, take a pause, time out like its just another day thing as if she didn’t just murder the person in the car is incredible. Probably doesn’t even care if there was a baby in that thing. She’s already justified in her head that its the car drivers fault for getting plowed by her Tram.

2 Alligators Fighting Is Unbelievably Boring


Wildly boring. You would think that 2 primordial beast that look like the most primitive of animals would clash off and make it look like Jurassic Park. Wrong. Most vanilla thing ever. I mean nothing died/ got eaten. What the fuck was the point if one doesn’t get torn to shreds. In fact I’m starting to hate these alligator videos. People just get so mystified by them cause they look like a dinosaur and grow fucking massive. What ever. Size don’t mean shit if it isn’t using it to dominate something. The weaker one just rolled and swam away like it was nothing. Yea it can maim a gazelle and anything else that’s a vegetarian but i want to see a gator fight a gator, loser gets eaten. And also, what the fuck is with all these gators on golf courses. Handle that shit better, put up fences or something. I never played golf but I kinda would like to not pack a shotgun in my golf bag for when I’m trying to avoid landing near a water hazard. Seriously, Golf courses seem to be a breeding ground for alligators.

Woman Shows Off The Worst Way To Eat A Banana

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Awful job. Seriously it’s not hard. You peel the damn thing, you take a bite. Chew and swallow. Wash, rinse, repeat. I mean how dumb is it using your mouth to peel the skin. Why would you try to put the whole thing down in one swallow instead of taking small bites. And why the fuck are they having a banana eating contest inside of a strip club?