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Nick Chan Is Just Beating The Legal System To The Point Where He Might Be Calgary’s Most Nefarious Criminal

National Post – Nicholas Cypui (Nick) Chan, the alleged Calgary gang leader who this week beat organized crime and murder charges for the second time in two years, is a most curious fellow who is also keenly aware of his rights — every last one of them. Chan hasn’t just twice defeated the best efforts of police and prosecutors to prove he is the “directing mind” of the violent FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) gang. During lengthy stays behind bars, he has also enlisted the Alberta Human Rights Commission, the correctional ombudsman, the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons, the vehicle of civil lawsuits and prison pastors and psychologists to help him assert those rights. In other words, Chan is possibly the most allegedly dangerous “vexatious litigant,” as those who so frequently resort to the courts are called, in the entire country. In one case, for instance, Chan made 28 complaints about his treatment while in pre-trial custody for heroin trafficking offences, including that he’d been denied vegetarian meals (though he admitted he wasn’t always a vegetarian) and that wasn’t allowed to wear his special orthotic shoes while in jail. The judge in that case found that inmates had to wear prison-issued running shoes for security reasons. He also dismissed most of Chan’s complaints, but upheld several, and ultimately reduced his sentence because of the hardship he suffered.In that 2005 decision, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Judge P.J. McIntyre gave Chan three-to-one credit for his time in pre-trial custody, instead of the then-usual two-to-one credit. As for Chan’s alleged post-traumatic stress disorder, which a psychologist said appeared to be related to his having been strip-searched in jail, the judge dryly noted the psychologist “was unaware” that at Christmas 2002, a friend of Chan’s was shot while they were at a mall, and suggested that may have been rather more traumatic than a strip search. Chan has had remarkable success in various courts, in fact. In 2011, he convinced the Immigration and Refugee Board to reverse a decision refusing his Chinese wife, Yong Yi Guan, permanent resident status in Canada. A one-member panel found that Chan “came across as a very quiet, reserved person” who opened up under her questioning. The woman was allowed to come to Canada.

Have you ever seen such a diabolical looking man ever? I mean seriously, the hair cut, the thin Asian mustache, the stare? That’s the stare of someone who just poisoned your tea and is waiting to watch your lungs seize up with white foam coming out of your mouth. And the best part about it is he knows he’s not gonna see anything close to a prison sentence because he knows the book better than the judge. He’s like Belichick just playing by your rules and making you look like a fool at the same time. And what are his tactics to beat the law you might ask? Simply explaining to the judge and the Alberta Human Rights Commission that he was pretty much being tortured and had his civil rights violated. I mean being denied Vegetarian meals and complaining about orthopedic sandals??? The Joker had to perform a reverse c section and put a cellphone bomb inside a man and had to orchestrate him being arrested in order to mastermind his way out of a holding cell (**spoilers**). Nick Chan ain’t got time for that shit. There’s money to be made in the grimy streets of Calgary. He’ll just yell and scream about how his back hurts because he’s been denied his rights to his orthopedic sandals. It’s a real son of a bitch move when you have to wear the in-house shoes with no Dr. Scholl’s sole inserts to the point where your spine is about to fall out. And on top of that you don’t get the vegetarian meal in the pen??? Fuck out of here. Who’s really the criminal here??? Not Nick Chan in his eyes, that’s for damn sure. Now excuse him while he continues to distribute heroin and have people killed and try to get his wife deported back to China. Maybe go read the handbook instead, Calgary.