I Would Cook The Shit Out Of Food Every Week In This Spot Just To Spite This Old Hag

I hate using the term “Karen”. Once things make it into the internet lexicon things lose its value a bit. It just becomes another Karen video in the vast sea of the internet of Karen videos. I don’t post about it often (because i haven’t blogged in years because i work full time all day). But this one just caught my eye. Here we just have 2 casual Cali bros doing a nice catch and cook. Nothing better than the freshest lobster cooked into a delicious lobster roll. I wasn’t even gonna blog it at first, just share it around my friend group saying “look at this cunt!” But i couldn’t believe it when i saw this old hag of a Cali granny disrespect the ocean and just grab the cutting board full of hand picked lobster and trash it on the ground. Call 911 all you want lady, I doubt they’d waste their time on it, but don’t just take fucking fresh lobster and trash it like that.

No chance this would fly in Florida right? Like if i get a spiny lobster and cook it on the side of A1A the outcome is either a friendly union on sharing food freshly caught from the sea or like the radical end of the spectrum of things where the lady gets a spear gun through her leg. I wish these Cali Bros weren’t so fucking casual and nice. I’m not saying I would chase her down and threaten her life or anything, but the second she reached in my car maybe give her a quick shoulder check. Nothing severe, just like a Tony Corrente bump. Buzz her side and throw her off kilter and then throw the penalty flag with my face in a lobster roll for reaching in my car.

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