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What If Tenet Is A Bust?


Everyone wants things to go back to normal. Sports are half back, but no fans in stadiums. Business are slowly opening, but limiting the amount of people in stores. Buying things online is prevelant but people are becoming poors. Movies have sat out, and they’re suppose to come back soon, but its on life support. All of Hollywood and theaters are relying on Tenet to be the Best movie of all time. What if it sucks?

Do I personally think it would suck? No. But Do I think its gonna save Hollywood? Definitely not. Part of me wonders if this is even what we need right now to bring people back in theaters. I love Christopher Nolan movies. He’s the director of our generation where when you hear a Nolan film is coming, you’re expecting excellent execution, thought, amazing practical effects etc. But thats normal circumstance. Coming out of a pandemic? I’m not so sure. Lets put it this way, if this were a few years ago. We come out of a bat virus that plagued a world, i think the last thing id want to see is a movie about how earth is a lost cause and we’re gonna die unless we move into space. I love Interstellar, best space movie of our time. I don’t want that after a pandemic. I want to have a little bit more fun. More action. Does this look action-y? sure. However Id like to point out, as they said in the trailer, they’re not shooting guns, they’re just using guns to catch bullets. Huh? Our brains have been turned to mush from not seeing the outside world and I’m gonna sit in a movie and watch a movie in reverse? huh?? Robert Pattinson isn’t the palest thing on the screen? Huh??? The movies a big mind fuck and i don’t know if i need that back first thing coming out of a pandemic.  All the people that saw it on IMAX say its fantastic and I’m sure it is. I’m just saying at this point its living up to an expectation and we’ve been let down many times before, so if he can make another Batman movie maybe in 30 days in and out of the cutting room floor and ease us into something before we have to deal with reverse time thought experiment with World War 3 stakes.