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I Would Cook The Shit Out Of Food Every Week In This Spot Just To Spite This Old Hag

I hate using the term “Karen”. Once things make it into the internet lexicon things lose its value a bit. It just becomes another Karen video in the vast sea of the internet of Karen videos. I don’t post about it often (because i haven’t blogged in years because i work full time all day). But this one just caught my eye. Here we just have 2 casual Cali bros doing a nice catch and cook. Nothing better than the freshest lobster cooked into a delicious lobster roll. I wasn’t even gonna blog it at first, just share it around my friend group saying “look at this cunt!” But i couldn’t believe it when i saw this old hag of a Cali granny disrespect the ocean and just grab the cutting board full of hand picked lobster and trash it on the ground. Call 911 all you want lady, I doubt they’d waste their time on it, but don’t just take fucking fresh lobster and trash it like that.

No chance this would fly in Florida right? Like if i get a spiny lobster and cook it on the side of A1A the outcome is either a friendly union on sharing food freshly caught from the sea or like the radical end of the spectrum of things where the lady gets a spear gun through her leg. I wish these Cali Bros weren’t so fucking casual and nice. I’m not saying I would chase her down and threaten her life or anything, but the second she reached in my car maybe give her a quick shoulder check. Nothing severe, just like a Tony Corrente bump. Buzz her side and throw her off kilter and then throw the penalty flag with my face in a lobster roll for reaching in my car.

Does The Jaguar CEO Look Comfortable Being Carried On The Shoulders Of Wyclef Jean Like He’s His Girlfriend At A Concert?

I’ve at times considered this dreamy lovey dovey scenario. Me and my girl friend at some point go to some 80’s cover band concert in the park. She’s a little short so I’ll let her ride my shoulders as we vibe out. They’re playing Your Love by The Outfield maybe Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon. I look up and we’re both singing the words to the songs and we’re both smiling happy.

I know at some point here the CEO of jaguar was happy. Who can’t be happy in that moment? That’s the power of music, when it hits you feel no pain. Now the second he realized people were recording how absurd of a scenario it was for a 60 year old CEO to be on the shoulders of Wyclef Jean grooving out to Your Love by The Outfield that’s where things go awry. Next thing you know its like Wyclef giving you a front facing power bomb and the night is ruined.

Train Travel Is Missing At Least 20 years Of Innovation.

I absolutely understand what Daniella was going for here. Traveling is already such a hassle that many times you’d forgo an hour or 2 for convenience sake. Having the idea of going to an Airport to deal with TSA to deal with possible delays and then you gotta go from the airport to the hotel. Its all a hassle but maybe the idea of trains seems simple. It’s low cost, hop on – hop off, and you’re already on the ground so you can just pull up an uber. Being from South Florida I would constantly hear people from the north taking a train from NYC to Boston or just in general in the northeast corridor. I always pictured it being like the Harry Potter train where i would meet cool like minded peers and we can order snacks off the cart that comes around the guy would be nice and tip his hat. I was wrong.

See the one time i went train travel here in Florida was from Orlando to my home in South Florida. What an abysmal time that was. Now to be fair these first few parts took place on a Greyhound bus, but still, If you’re a college aged student without a car looking to travel home, you need a low cost option and this was all part of that experience. Well first off i get to the bus stop, we had to hop on a bus to some random ass city that actually put us further distance from Orlando to South Florida. Next thing you know in this some what spacious bus, this old guy decides to sit next to me. He’s an old built muscular dude with glasses wearing a black tank top and jeans and apparently both knees blown out because he had 2 knee braces on. And not just like the neoprene sleeve knee braces, I’m talking about those metal/abs industrial plastic ones like batman uses after years of kicking ass with absolutely no cartilage in between his joints.

Soon after his quick backstory of how he’s traveling to get double knee surgery, we make it to the actual train stop. Awesome, figured you know what’s probably great about trains is its on a track with no traffic to deal with – Wrong. We didn’t even start the train for 45 minutes because they were waiting for the train ahead of us to move cause apparently there was a station like 10 minutes away and it needed to stop there. 10 minutes south. Why didn’t the bus just drop us off there? I’m not a logistics guy so what ever. Once this thing picks up speed we’re gonna make it down in no time. Got the head phones in, the bionic knee man sat in the middle away from me where air wasn’t blowing as hard, I get comfy. After a cool 2 hours, i wake up and look outside and all i see is a guy in a yellow vest shaking his head. Apparently we hit a deer too, caused one of the engines to fail. One of the engines, you say? This beast of a machine has TWO engines apparently, however, it doesn’t matter because they cant operate independently. Never found out what the point of that was. What i did find out was that it took another hour to unload one engine and attach another. Normally by car it takes roughly 3 and a half hours to go from Orlando to Broward County. This trip took 9 hours lol.

What I’ve come to realize is the discounted cost of traveling via train and bus definitely hampered the money going back into the development of better train and train technology. But It’s still an industry and one, here in Florida, we’re always hearing about get developed more and more to try to connect the major college towns and make them all accessible for regular travel. Brightline was suppose to be a thing where families from down here can shoot up and spend the day at Disney or can train travel to Gainesville to watch UF play Georgia. A way where families can spend money on the infrastructure so we can all make Florida better. My guess is there are a lot of people with warrants out for their arrest, and the people traveling via bus or train definitely travel like this to avoid airport security cause i don’t remember a lick of security at the stations, further more i remember another time i rode the Greyhound home, there was a guy going around the bus asking if anyone wants to join him in the men’s room at the next bus stop to snort some crushed up pills. That experience was actually nice because it was at night and a handful of them got off at the stop and never got back on the bus so it was a pretty peaceful 5 hour bus ride.

I really wish we had the middle ground between car and plane. Realistically if i want to go to Orlando, its 3 and a half hours, gas, etc, but have my car, or flying for like probably under a hundred bucks in 30 minutes but have to get to the airport, either uber everywhere go through security and that whole rigamarole. If i can park my car at a train stop for free, sit on a train for 2 hours while i nap, and get off and can uber where ever I’m going, that would be the sweet spot. But here i thought all these problems happened to trains in Florida when this shit is just train travel all over. If i thought we were 20 years behind, its probably closer to 30 to 35 years behind innovation now seeing that people deal with this shit in the north east as well.

At Some Point They Should Teach Being An Onlyfans Model in Business Schools

What do you get the woman who has everything? A Times Square billboard featuring her own face, of course.
Atlanta-based model Moriah Mills says she was left stunned when her “sugar daddy” gifted her the gigantic digital display for her 28th birthday last month.

“Seeing my face up there in bright lights was the most thrilling thing,” Mills said of the 100-by-80 foot billboard, which was set up on the corner of West 48th Street from Oct. 11 to Oct. 17.
“I looked stunning…It made me feel like a star and it’s totally what I deserve.”
Times Square pedestrians certainly copped an eyeful of Mills, as the billboard photo featured the model showing off her ample cleavage in a skimpy crop top.
Mills did not divulge how much the extravagant birthday gift cost, but industry outlet Indeed claims a rotating Times Square billboard can cost upwards of $22,000 for two weeks.

“He’s not a boyfriend in the traditional sense but someone who I treat amazing and he treats me great in return.” The billboard isn’t the only extravagant present that the man has given Mills. “I’m so lucky, he gives me cash and other nice gifts all the time,” she explained. “He’ll often fly me out for dinner wherever he is working and we always stay in touch through text.” “I give him my time and genuine affection, he doesn’t ask for anything and sometimes I feel bad but he tells me he’s there to spoil me only and make me feel like a princess,” the model added. Mills certainly isn’t short of money herself, recently revealing she makes a whopping $300,000 a month on OnlyFans.

Here I am working a regular ass job, trying to blog more to try to shift career to something i can do online and i have my pops bending my ear constantly about how I really need to look into investing in real estate. Thats all he talks about. “Buy this and you calculate the mortgage and something something 4%. You make the renters finance your mortgage. House values double in 20 years blah blah blah.” You ask him, he wants me to invest in real estate. I ask a stock guy, he tells me I should do Stocks. Ask a crypto guy, they’re gonna tell me go crypto. But here’s the thing, no matter what we’re all gonna be chumps unless you’re a banging Onlyfans model. Incels might despise her but id imagine there has to be a finance incel out there that realize she has a pretty sweet deal from a business stand point. All the flights paid for. Extravagant dinners paid for. Bringing in 300k a month! And now the precedent has been set where they don’t need to pay for advertising. I’m trying to save up enough money to buy a house, rent it out so renters can help finance a mortgage a thousand bucks at a time over 20 years, and this lady just got a guy to drop 20k to promote her in one of the most densely populated areas in America known for advertising.

I understand flying a girl out to provide affection and comfort. I even get wanting to spoil a girl a bit financially. At some point, though, I would let them handle their business side or handle their own personal assets. Now, though, if I’m viewing the landscape of business and success and if I’ve gotten compliments all my life about my looks, there’s no reason not to push for more. A billboard to advertise you was one thing. It wouldn’t shock me if we get a story in another 5 years of an OnlyFans model who has a sugar daddy that gifted her like a percentage in commercial real estate. “Oh my god baby, that’s so sweet of you to give me a mutual fund account!” “Hey sugar daddy, you know the Etherium coins you gave me? We’ll they’ve tripled in value!” “Whats that honey? You want to fly me out to celebrate your business going public and you’re gonna give me a few shares from the IPO? I’d love to do that for you babe.” What a life.

I Thought This Mouse’s Dick Was Eating A Strawberry

Plot Twist: Her penis was actually her baby because this is actually a female and not a mouse, but a marsupial called a Potoroo. Before knowing all of that I still found it adorable.

What If Tenet Is A Bust?


Everyone wants things to go back to normal. Sports are half back, but no fans in stadiums. Business are slowly opening, but limiting the amount of people in stores. Buying things online is prevelant but people are becoming poors. Movies have sat out, and they’re suppose to come back soon, but its on life support. All of Hollywood and theaters are relying on Tenet to be the Best movie of all time. What if it sucks?

Do I personally think it would suck? No. But Do I think its gonna save Hollywood? Definitely not. Part of me wonders if this is even what we need right now to bring people back in theaters. I love Christopher Nolan movies. He’s the director of our generation where when you hear a Nolan film is coming, you’re expecting excellent execution, thought, amazing practical effects etc. But thats normal circumstance. Coming out of a pandemic? I’m not so sure. Lets put it this way, if this were a few years ago. We come out of a bat virus that plagued a world, i think the last thing id want to see is a movie about how earth is a lost cause and we’re gonna die unless we move into space. I love Interstellar, best space movie of our time. I don’t want that after a pandemic. I want to have a little bit more fun. More action. Does this look action-y? sure. However Id like to point out, as they said in the trailer, they’re not shooting guns, they’re just using guns to catch bullets. Huh? Our brains have been turned to mush from not seeing the outside world and I’m gonna sit in a movie and watch a movie in reverse? huh?? Robert Pattinson isn’t the palest thing on the screen? Huh??? The movies a big mind fuck and i don’t know if i need that back first thing coming out of a pandemic.  All the people that saw it on IMAX say its fantastic and I’m sure it is. I’m just saying at this point its living up to an expectation and we’ve been let down many times before, so if he can make another Batman movie maybe in 30 days in and out of the cutting room floor and ease us into something before we have to deal with reverse time thought experiment with World War 3 stakes.

Lets Talk a Little Game of Thrones (Yuck)

Have I been away for an extreme amount of time? Sure have. Does Game of Thrones Stink? Absolutely. Has the Corona Virus PANDEMIC given me more time to work on the blog that I’ve paid actual US currency to stay online? you bet. Lets cook.


Assuming we need at least one of each, lets begin with The Leader Category. Off the bat lets get rid of Johnathan Snow. Extremely over valued. Some might say he’s a club house guy. A real players coach type but I’ve also seen the club house actual murder him. Everyone on this list has lead men into battle, two of them have been backstabbed by their own men. Jon Snow and my next write off Daenerys Targaryen. This list doesn’t include dragons right? No asterisk saying she gets her 3 dragons. In that case she’s all talk no bite. Severely over rated. Get her out of here. That leaves 3 people. Cersei Lannister is good value at 3 all things considered. She last through out the 8 seasons, gets to the final 4. Only problem is through out the show she just cant stop thinking about fucking her brother. I don’t even see his name on the list. Now if we got an extra 2 bucks and had intangibles character like Jamie Lannister, Hot Pie, etc, I’d probably package the the Lannister children together like the McCourty twins but with out Alex Adams, Cersei Lannister aint my pick (you’re a sick fuck if you get that reference). That leaves Stannis Baratheon and High Sparrow. I really want Stannis Baratheon. Great name. Great Leader. Dies an honorable death in war to Brienne of Tarth, very progressive of him. However whats not progressive is him letting Melissandra burn is daughter in an effigy pyre so it can get a touch warmer. Guy falls for the black magic too easy. If I rode with him I’m confident i can build a team around him. He’s like the Cubs that won with Aroldis Chapman, I don’t want to have to bring up that he once fired 8 bullets directed towards his wife, I don’t want my leader to be okay with burning his daughter alive. That leaves me with High Sparrow. Dude got a mob cooking with no shoes on. Now imagine if he actually had shoes. Was arguably the biggest thorn in Cersei side and became the devil on her son’s shoulders. If we’re only spending a $1 for someone that can cook like that we’re on a good start.


There are only 2 options on this list, Maaaaybe 3 depending on the situation. But you gotta immediately knock off Bran and Samwell Tarly. I don’t even know where the creator of this list comes off having Samwell in the magic section. Does exactly 1 sex and ends up getting a girl pregnant. Nothing magical about that. Bran, well no matter how great his magic is you wont be able to decipher it because he either talks in obscure phrases or nothing at all. Useless. The long stretch miiiiiigggghhht be Melisandre. She has exactly 1 good play in her play book. If you decide to run the “have evil magic sex with her to spawn a demon shadow assassin” its gonna have to be on one man and one man only. This is a battle we’re talking about and Im not having my men on the front line with the red witch on her  behind 100 men. Legs spread wide open pussy out trying to give birth to one shadow. And even if she has one good trick play, I’ll never trust a woman who wears a choker 24/7. She’s off. That leaves Maester Qyburn and Jaqen H’ghar. Both solid picks. Depending on the spending in other categories you can go a few ways with it. Both very loyal. Maester Qyburn If i need to revive an army with dead people? That can be strong but I’m not trying to go 7 games you understand? Im trying to win it in 4 or 5 tops. All of this is just rambling because the go to has to be Jaqen H’ghar. You’re wasting time if its anything but him. How loyal is the guy? He was ready to off himself because a 10 year old little girl asked him to because he made a pinky promise. Other than that you got a guy who set out to kill precisely 3 people and does it in the blinky of an eye. Its the faceless man from Braavos. Valar Dohaeris.



Now we’re really getting into it. I can see many ways to go about this. Most options in play here. First off the list is Tyrion Lannister. Yes I know, very rude to kill off the little person. Im playing GM here Tyrion might be able to pay Lannisters debts but with whoms moneys? Certainly not with my moneys. If he can’t bribe em with cash he aint really got much. He’s off. Robb Stark? strong showing in college. Wish i could’ve seen more of him to make a pick but alas, he was violently stabbed to death at his wedding ceremony. Littlefinger, he a little too much like Tyrion talking his way outta things. Half way through this however, Im reading the stipulations and it just says this is a squad. Squad for chilling or squad to the easiest path for me to sit on the Iron Throne? Im gonna assume its the later. If its the former then buddy Im chilling in King’s Landing’s most reputable whore house and that happens to be Baelish’s Saloon. But we’ll proceed. This leaves somehow two opposite ends on the scale, both equally great value somehow. Tywin really held the show together and was the master strategist behind the first few seasons. If you wanted to go big spending I think this is where you gotta go, however there is still an option on the table. Im going Olenna Tyrell, shes a sneaky son of a gun but at the height of the show she was the one to put an end to Joffrey and is willing to die on her own terms and making people feel bad all the while. Ill ride with that pick.


Alright this one im bundling together cause we’ve been fiscally conservative and its time to cement the win in Westeros. In the end wars are won by men (and women) and these muscles and fighters are how i will get it done. Now if my math serves me correct I’ve only spent 1/3 of my budget. Well now we cook. No where on this list does it say i can only pick one in each group so im dubbling up. Fighters im taking Arya Stark and Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. Part of me wants to cut back and just take Brienne to save a buck but on the off chance we’re dealing with White Walkers, i need someone small and mousey, unsuspecting to sneak up which is why i kept Arya(for now). Other than that I picked Bronn. Guy lives. Nuff said right? Not to mention he becomes Lord of Highgarden and the Master of Coin. Oberyn got his head very much smashed in and Daario? He’d absolutely fuck my girl.


Onto the muscle. Whats left 9 bucks? This is the big ticket item I need. I’d like to purchase a Wun Wun, please. No need to wrap it up or put it in a bag. Im wearing that thang out the store. Yeeaaaaaa boy. Im on his shoulders with a megaphone politely telling the next village over that im hear to pillage and plunder. Their men are staring down my army led by an old lady and bum with no shoes. I need something to strike fear the the hearts of men and nothing does that better than a Giant. Their craning their necks up, jaws dropped to the floor staring at my Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun. That leaves me with exactly 1 buck and with that I’ll go Wun Wun’s friend Tormund Giantsbane. Talk about team chemistry. I got friends in the mix with Wun wun and Tormund, Arya got her Master Jaqen Hghar. And I got their 2 grand parents as well. That gives me 15 bucks spent exactly. People are probably eager to go The Hound and Mountain. But frankly The Hound is scared to death of fire. And The mountain? well he’s gross smelling probably cause he’s dead. Khal Drogo? You’re gonna give me a guy that didnt make it to season 2 for 3 bucks? Known rapist, comatose vegetable who dies from a cut? Naahhhh im good.


There you have it all 15 spent but heres one more stipulation. If there are no Wight Walkers. Im packaging Arya stark and Wun Wun in a trade for Beric Dondarrion and Lyanna Mormont. You talk about fighters. Anything Arya can do im sure Lyanna Mormont can do, minus the whole steal your face thing, but I already got Jaqen for that. If we’re not dealing with the Night King, Im comfortable trading her away for a similar player except Lyanna Mormont is like Arya Stark and Sansa combined. She governed her people and fought in combat with the best of them even going as far as taking out a Giant. Thats no easy feat. which brings me to my next trade. Wun Wun, Big man but very vulnerable it appears. Im trading him half way through because you know he can’t produce at the same level throughout the regular season and into the playoffs. Big men get tired easily and he’s pretty much a wide open target. Plus idk how much the guy eats. I cant keep feeding that machine so half way through im trading him for Beric Dondarrion. You want to talk about durability? Guy’s died THREE times and still comes back ready to go. Coolest name in the show, has a sword that he can set ablaze and can heal himself (if the lords of light allow for it, that is.) Thats my 2020 GoT season. Im sitting on the Iron Throne using Bran’s legs as my leg rest and i become the king of Westeros.

  • WUN WUN*
    • *-MIdseason trade for Lyanna Mormont & Beric Dondarrion





The Head of the CIA Pulling Off The Ethan Hunt Mask Trick In Front of Bush Is Awesome

This is the moment the CIA’s then chief of disguise donned a mask as she spoke to an unsuspecting President George H.W. Bush – before dramatically peeling it off to reveal her true identity to him.

Jonna Mendez, who spent 27 years working for the CIA, was in charge of creating advanced disguises – including masks – for agents to use on undercover missions.

Mendez opted to use one of the convincing masks she had created when she met with President Bush at the White House in the early 1990s.

Photos of that meeting show Mendez sitting across from Bush in the Oval Office as she briefed him on developments in the CIA’s new disguise program.

(Visualize a very long wick burning across the screen with images of a person being shot in the back of his head from an Iranian man. This will make sense later)

We’re in quite the time folks, Political tensions are on the rise. Any wrong move by any country can cause a World War. A wrong bump turns to gunfire and gunfire turns to dropping nuclear bombs. I’m sure in the year 2020 heads of states are probably on their computers trying to communicate with foreign leaders trying to cool heads while rattling the cages of others. Countries are turning to other worlds new outlets to hear the rhetoric and because media is super transparent now a days with social media, we’re gonna reach an all time fever pitch. Its time we do things in the shadows again. Get in under the stealth and guise of the night and impersonation of someone unknown. We need fucking spies. You know why Iran wants to get into a war with us? Well its cause we launched missiles in a drone strike in drones pretty much painted in red, white, and blue and killed, what some people are saying a bad human, but a military leader to their nation regardless (Don’t quote me because i don’t know what im talking about. Ha!)

Everyone saying that Qasem Soleimani is pretty much like The Archduke Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria, Archduke Franz Ferdinand for short. Saying nations are aligning and some turning on the US. Well maybe if we didn’t have a guy pretty much bragging about it on twitter we wouldn’t have nations playing takesy backsey about Nuclear restrictions. Listen, if Soleimani was a bad dude, then he gotta go. But its how you do it, maybe don’t leave behind a USA Flag that says I did it.

instead imagine if Soleimani was at dinner one night going over war strategies and next thing you know his right hand man enters the room only to see himself standing behind Soleimani with a .22 with a suppressor to the back of his head assassin style. Clip! He reaches for his gun but before he could, a lady of the night uses chloroform on him. His eyes become heavy, he’s quicky falling asleep. As he falls he sees the fake man grab from his neck and pull off the mask of him. Ethan hunt grabs the lady by the waist and pulls her in. A passionate kiss is the last the man sees as he falls asleep. The two are already on motorcycle on their way to Morocco. When the man wakes up he’s in cuffs, detained. Questioned and accused as news media swarms with coverage about the notion that Military leader Qasem Soleimani was assassinated by his own person with evidence of a gun and planted manifesto left on his computer alleging Soleimani was going insane. Ethan reads all about the incident nations away on a newspaper at a cafe. He walks along the cobbled streets of Marrakesh, a baker pushing his bread cart accidentally bumps into Hunt. Apologizing he offers a loaf of bread in return. Ethan’s sympathetic smile turns to a wiser face as he accepts the pumpernickel loaf. The old man continues along as Hunt walks in the opposite direction turns the corner, eating the loaf in pieces revealing a hologram device.

“…..As always, should you or any of your IM Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This holodisc will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Ethan.”

Hunt eats a piece of the bread and leaves the rest on the floor for pigeons to feed as he walks away with purpose. Smoke arises from the half eaten bread loaf with a small explosion. Music Cues…….



Mega Hot Weather Girl Yanet Garcia Got Hacked Early This Morning

Damn. In the hack of all hacks you know there are dumb idiots that fall for banner ads that all end up being Russian spam bots used to rig your ballot votes some how but I’m not gonna lie, i can’t blame them for this one. This chick is MEGA hot and it came from her verified accounts. We’re not talking about the hack that’s used to sell Ray ban sunglasses for 79% off, we’re talking about it uploaded a fake insta-story to a swipe up link, it took over her bio, and a post. oh and shes also MEGA HOT. I’m not saying I fell for it, but what I’ve come to learn is the internet and the world is fulled with dumb people. People that think Big Bang Theory is funny. Middle America, which although a strong probability of being racist against Mexicans, just cant deny that her ass is poppin. I’m not saying you’re not an idiot for falling for a hacked account spam ad, alls I’m saying is when its on her account and she looks like that, I get it.

P.s.- I remember one time scrolling youtube, i came across a video of a grown man eating a burger for the first time. Guy was like early 20’s normal enough looking dude, had never eating a cheeseburger or hamburger in his life ever. I couldnt believe that shit. And even worse is he was disgusted by the idea. What the fuck right? But even worse i scroll through his youtube channel came across a video titled something in the realm of “This viral mexican girl is so beautiful I flew to Mexico to tell her I like her” yada yada yada, he’s the fucking ass hole who dumped her to play Call Of Duty. A Hamburger hating asshole.


I didn’t click on any of these because i wouldve been disgusted

Colin Trevorrow Released A Jurassic World Short Film Jurassic World: Battle At Big Rock


That was awesome. I was excited as fuck when they brought back the Jurassic Park Franchise. 1-3 were all awesome, but with them bringing it back expectation had to be tempered with the new Jurassic Worlds. 1 was okay. The kids were annoying but the story was good, dinosaurs all awesome. It feels kinda hard to make a bad dinosaur movie because that always gets the blood going….and then Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came around. JK. Its not that I thought it was awful, I just didn’t like it. We already have a Dinosaur being removed from the island story line that turns into a Dinosaur auction story line, that then decided to tell you that they were cloning humans all the while there’s a story line of a genetically modified Dinosaur that has a built in laser targeting system. That clone shit is kinda weird and not necessary and I find it very insulting now as I look through IMDB and see the clone girl is listed on the cast and BD Wong isn’t. But what ever. I’m past that movie now after seeing Battle At Big Rock. I’m gonna deal with the fact that they contrived the Fallen Kingdom Plot just to bring the dinosaurs off Isla Nublar so they can cause havoc in the US. I’m fine with it.

Now as for this short film itself. Awesome. Perfect short and sweet full of action, full of emotion. Great acting, both the humans and the dinosaurs. It kinda changed directions when the focus of the dinosaurs came to the humans but what this was at first was a CLASSIC internet video “Battle of Kruger.”


Just this view of wild untamed animals through the eyes of tourist. Little baby gets preyed on only to find an even bigger animal pops out and gang up on the predator. Awesome. Now that the dinosaurs have invaded human civilization its kind of a blank slate on what can happen. As far as the other previous 4 movies before fallen kingdom all they needed to do to survive is get off the island. Well now the dinosaurs are at your doorstep and that’s an awesome premise i can’t wait to see from Jurassic World 3 (minus the clone girl.)

p.s- I feel like also the short was a great mix of diversity and tolerance of people. Mixed adopted family coming together. Red neck imparting wisdom on a young black girl that ends up saving their lives as opposed to him calling her racist names. Maybe I’m reading too much into that, what ever, we got dinosaurs.