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Don’t Know What The End Game Was For Jeremy Putnam, But Dressing Up As The Joker Wielding A Sword Will Get You Arrested 10 Out Of 10 Times.

Foxnews– The Joker is behind bars. It’s a storyline that could be straight out of the comic books.
Yet in Winchester, Virginia, it’s a true story.
Local police said they arrested a man dressed like the famous comic book villain – decked out in a cape and carrying a sword.
Police spokesperson Jennifer Hall said the department received several 911 calls Friday afternoon reporting a man made up as Batman’s nemesis.
Thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Putman was arrested and charged with wearing a mask in public, a felony in the state of Virginia that can result in a year in jail.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether Putman has a lawyer.

Anyone who chooses to dress like The Joker in public is a bit of a lunatic and is clearly trying to rile up the public. At this point after all the shootings and shit, it’s trying to incite fear. That’s pretty clear cut, but what we gotta know is what the fuck is Jeremy’s end game here. Honestly that’s the part that weirds me out a bit. The article has said next to nothing about it besides that he was arrested in a Joker costume with a sword. Now one option is a prank. Why on earth would The Joker be swinging a sword. That’s not his steeze. He’s a bullets, knives, and gasoline type guy. At least the Heath Ledger version was. So Jeremy might kinda suck at being Joker. Dressing like him is easy, you gotta fit the person with the knives and guns. The scarier fucking option though, is if this is his plan all along, to get arrested. We all saw The Dark Knight. That might be Putnam’s master plan this whole time. You think you got him but he’s actually 2 steps ahead with a bomb stitched up inside some druggie low life also in the clink and then the next thing you know the local Winchester, Virginia holding cell blows up and a crooked accountant gets taken hostage with access to millions. Sounds farfetched but stare at that mugshot a little big longer and try to tell me this guy isn’t a psychopath waiting to blow something up.

P.s- A year in prison for wearing a mask in public is pretty absurd.

Double P.s- I had to ride on an airplane with this terrorist looking dude one time.

I Have My Gripes With This Woman Who Was Stranded At The Grand Canyon For 5 Days.

DailyMail- A Texas woman who spent five days stranded near the Grand Canyon was found on Friday thanks to her superb survival skills.
Amber VanHecke, 24, had planned to spend some of her Spring Break hiking – but found her endurance put to an even greater test when her car ran out of gas near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
‘It’s a very remote area,’ rescuer Jonah Nieves said, according to ‘You think of the Grand Canyon, you’re thinking big trees, grass. There’s nothing.
‘It’s like the Sahara Desert. It’s just empty.’
On March 10, VanHecke posted a photo of herself and her vehicle – stuffed with preparations – on Facebook with the message ‘Bye Texas! I’ll see you in ten days.’
Two days later her frequent Facebook posts dried up. She had vanished.
In a post on Facebook on Saturday she explained that she had followed a Google Maps direction that led her down a road that didn’t exist.
After driving off-road, her GPS died and she burned through her fuel trying to find it again. By the time she had found the road, she was hopelessly stranded.
For the next five days, VanHecke – alone, with dwindling supplies of food and water and in very real danger of dying – could only wait for help to arrive.
But Nieves said that her ingenuity helped protect her. ‘She ran out of gas … but she was a survivor,’ he said. ‘She did a lot of things that helped her survive.’
VanHecke rationed out her limited supplies of food and water, ensuring that she would be able to keep going – and had 16-18 days of her rations left when she was found.
After a truck drove down the road, missing her entirely, she built a barricade across the lane.
She made 10-foot-tall ‘SOS’ and 30-foot-tall ‘HELP’ signs on the ground out of rocks, and flashed her headlamp into the sky at night.
Most importantly, when she attempted to get a phone signal by leaving her car and walking down the road on March 17, she left notes telling anyone who found the car to go for help.
She managed to get a call through to the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office on her cell phone – which she had charged using her car battery – but the signal cut out before she could give them the exact location.
So when Nieves – who is an Air Rescue pilot with the Department of Public Safety – spotted her empty vehicle glinting in the sunlight after 40 minutes in the air, the notes she left behind were vital.
‘If she didn’t leave notes, then you’re like, “Is this the person we’re looking for?”‘ he said. ‘There are a lot more questions up in the air.’
He found VanHecke shortly afterwards by the side of the road, waving to his helicopter. She had hiked a total of 21-22 miles to get the signal, she later said.
VanHecke was crying with joy when Nieves found her, and was taken to a hospital, where she was given the all-clear.
Although she said she had ‘trauma’ from her terrifying experience, VanHecke was whimsical about her misadventure when she posted her adventures on Facebook.
‘On the bright side I guess I got to cross riding in a helicopter off of my bucket list,’ she wrote.

On some levels I can identify with this girl. I too am a guy that enjoys the outdoors to a degree. Love hiking mountains and taking in the views and the fresh air. Take in the scenery with a nice breeze you know? It’s refreshing. But this girl has some shit backwards and the internet is giving her a round of applaud for her survival skills or lack there of and its annoying.Lets start with the first thing, the trip in general.

She spent her Spring Break Hiking? What does that even mean? you get what one week, two weeks max of spring break? Has to be two cause you’d be insane to burn you’re whole week outside where there’s scorpions and rattle snakes waiting to kill you. In all honesty she should be dead. I would bring enough rations for 1 night. Spend one night there with a bon fire going and a shotgun in one hand so you live through the night to get back to civilization tomorrow. But that wasn’t the case, she brought enough food to last out there, which is in fact calling to question if this is one big stunt to go viral. Bring enough food to last through 2 weeks but only enough fuel to get you a quarter of the way there. Its a little suspect don’t you think.

My second gripe isn’t actually on her, its with the rescue guy unless she thought the same but he went on to say people think the Grand Canyon is tall trees and grass. Who the fuck thinks that? Have they never used a google search before?

None of that looks green. It all looks like dirt. Very dry dirt and rocks. Has she not seen 127 Hours? Sure its scenic out there but there’s a strong change you’ll get stranded and get your arm wedged between a boulder. God willing if you have a pocket  knife with you, you’re gonna have to make the decision whether or not to cut your own arm off. That’s just one of the few possibilities in the desert and grand canyon which really begs people to wonder why the fuck she chose here to go solo. Maybe pick like a lush green mountain that’s thriving with life in case you end up in a situation where you’re stranded because you didn’t get more gas, you could survive there longer.

Last of all, this girl didn’t do a lot that screams survival besides just surviving. I mean not like she started a fire and hunted her own dinner. She just ate ramen and didn’t move for 5 days. I mean she was found cause she walked till she got signal 20 miles, you can do 20 miles in a day or at night when its cooler out. She could’ve left days earlier. I know people think Bear Grylls is fake but no chance that guy would’ve stayed put and just waited for guys to come get him. especially when all you have to do is walk on flat earth and wait till you get a cell signal. I mean if this girl ate rattle snake and drank her own pee Id give her the praise she deserves, but she was just bored for 5 days because she just waited for no one to drive down a deserted road and tried to not use her cell phone. Thats not survival in my books.


This Guy Doesn’t Take Losing Video Games Easily

Furious at this teammates’ incompetence which had led to his defeat in a League of Legends match, one very hardcore gamer took out all of his frustration on his computer.

Consumed by rage, the guy delivered a ferocious headshot to the innocent computer screen, smashing through the screen and leaving his head stuck inside. It’s not clear how long he remained stuck there before his friends and internet cafe workers decided to help him out, but it was definitely long enough for other gamers to snap photos, which have gone viral on Chinese social media.

The computer screen was left with a sizable hole, while the guy’s head was left dripping blood.

The scene occurred in Lanzhou last Thursday. A local reporter recently visited the internet cafe where workers confirmed that the bizarre incident did in fact happen, adding that they had already thrown away the unfortunate computer screen.

I hate this guy so much. I hate any ultra hardo that gets too steeped into their subcultures and especially video games. Video games do nothing for me. Its like putting on a movie except you have to control the movie and it takes like 10 hours and more likely than not, you keep on dying so its like you have to re-watch a scene over and over again doing all the work. Video games suck and they’re too complicated. 15 different buttons do do different things, joy sticks popping all over the place. I miss games that were just Mario launching fireballs and jumping on goombas. Simplicity. I don’t feel bad for this loser at all. I hope his team mates call him an idiot for using his skull cap as a battering ram for an LCD screen. Besides who rams their head at shit? When you’re mad you throw a fist into the wall or screen of team mates face. Who head butts things? Psychopath losers that’s who.  Its a fucking video game. Unless he’s playing for major money he has no reason to be a whiney baby.

Tweeting A Flashing Gif To A Reporter To Trigger His Seizures Is Diabolical/Also A Hate Crime

Daily Mail A Texas Trump supporter who allegedly tweeted a flashing gif at an epileptic Newsweek journalist has been indicted on a ‘deadly weapon’ charge.
John Rayne Rivello, 29, of Salisbury, Maryland, has been indicted on an aggravated assault charge enhanced as a hate crime for sending the image to journalist Kurt Eichenwald in December.
The tweet, allegedly sent by Rivello in response to Eichenwald’s criticism of then-president-elect Donald Trump, read ‘You deserve a seizure for your posts.’
Rivello used ‘a Tweet and a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) and an Electronic Device and Hands, during the commission of the assault,’ the indictment read, according to CBS News.
Those constituted a ‘deadly weapon’ aimed at the openly epileptic journalist, the jury decided.
It also said that Rivello targeted Eichenwald, who writes critical opinion pieces on Trump for Newsweek, because he was a person of ‘Jewish faith or descent.’
The tweet was sent after an interview on Fox News when Eichenwald was grilled over a tweet he posted last September claiming Donald Trump suffered a nervous breakdown in 1990 and was institutionalized.
Eichenwald deleted the tweet soon after but was criticised over its lack of supporting evidence.
According to an unsealed criminal complaint highlighted by Heat Street, Eichenwald suffered an eight-minute-long full bodily seizure and loss of consciousness after seeing the flashing image.
His wife was able to put him in a safe position on the floor before calling police, the document said.
She also tweeted using his account: ‘This is his wife, you caused a seizure. I have your information and have called the police to report the assault.


I swear man, people get so savy on the Internet. Always finding new ways to do things. I get that we might not have street smarts anymore or be the most courageous of generation. But they got a few tricks up there sleeves that make you say “Wow, I never thought to do it like that before.” Case and point, You couldn’t get at reporters back then besides writing a scathing hot op-ed piece to send in to News publications and hope they run it. Now a days, simple. Ill just tweet you something that can trigger your mental illness and just hope you die. It’s so diabolical too because you know they see the tweets when it just pops up, there’s just no controlling it. It’s like when people use to show others the infamous “Two Girls, One Cup” Video. Instant video boner killer but it was on the internet and once some one made you watch it , you had to show someone else to see their reactions.  And you know they have to watch it cause it has hot chicks in it doing hot stuff up until the point where there’s feces being exchanged. But in this case, instead of getting turned off and disgusted saying “What the fuck, Ewwwww GROSS!! Turn That shit off,” you’re brain will just decide to fire off neurons that will send you on the floor shaking like an old motel clothes dryer. You couldn’t do anything like that back in the days. What were you gonna drag one of those old heavy projection television sets with a VCR to play flashy lights on it? No, but the internet my friends, it’s a gift and a curse. One second you’re checking your retweets and mentions, the next you’re on your sides shaking violently with no control over your mind and body. Skull emojis for all 140 characters because it actually could’ve killed the man. An absolute diabolical tweet.

My Dick Got A Little Hard Knowing The US Military Built An Electromagnetic Railgun That Can Fire Projectiles at 4500 MPH

Mirror- The US military are in the process of testing a new electromagnetic gun that can fire ammo at 4,500mph.
The Navy have developed a weapon that will use a ship’s self-generated power to fire at long-range targets.
This means that the electromagnetic railgun launcher uses electricity instead of chemical propellants.
Magnetic fields created by high electrical currents accelerate a sliding metal conductor, or armature, between two rails to launch projectiles at 4,500mph.
The railgun is powered by electricity that has been generated by the ship and stored in a ‘pulse power system’.
Next, an electric pulse is sent to the railgun, creating an electromagnetic force accelerating the projectile up to Mach 6.
Using its extreme speed on impact, the kinetic energy warhead eliminates the hazards of high explosives being kept on the ship, and on land, reduces the chance of unexploded bombs which could potentially be detonated.
According to the Office of Naval Research : “The railgun is a true warfighter game changer.
“Wide-area coverage and exceptionally quick response will extend the reach and lethality of ships armed with this technology.”

Meanwhile in North Korea……

LOL. What a loser North Korea is. Honestly they might be the country I’m sick of the most because they’re so god damn tiny and Kim Jong who ever the fuck has the biggest Napoleon complex and is constantly shouting threats at the top of his lung. Meanwhile he can’t get a rocket to fly high enough to punch a flock of pigeon mean while we’re launching projectiles at Mach 6 speeds fast enough to knock the food off of Kim Jung Un’s fork before it reaches his mouth. At this point I know with Trump at the head of the country people are just crying out saying their world is gonna end. Well guess what, anyone that comes at us, we’re gonna swat their missiles out of the sky at 4,500 mph. Keep doing you, NK, cause we’re doing just fine.

Teen Suspended For 3 Days For Selling Sex Toys That Were Actually Just Those Water Snake Wigglies

RACINE — A Racine family says their principal accused their child of selling sex toys at school.
The 12-year-old girl’s father has been trying to clear his daughter’s name ever since she was suspended for three days from Trinity Lutheran School on Geneva Street in Racine.
Parents may recognize the toy in question. They are called “water snake wigglies.” The girl claims she had permission from a teacher to sell the children’s toys.
However, the principal at Trinity Lutheran School accused the student of selling what she thought were sex toys.
The school’s pastor, Pastor David Gehne, said this issue already went before the school board, which sided with the principal.
“We wouldn’t discuss the details of any situation regarding one of our children, they’re all minors,” said Gehne.
“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water-filled bag,” said Milt Habeck, the father of the girl.
Habeck adds he does not plan to stop until his daughter’s record is cleared. He wrote a blog online that includes witness statements titled: “Vindicate Frances.”

First things first, I’m 26 years old and I’ve had zero idea what those things are called. When speaking about it, its one of those things where you just say “You know one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand.” That 16 word phrase was it’s name for 26 years and will be forever moving forward cause i just had no idea they were actually called a “water snake wigglie”

That being said, This Lutheran principle has 100 percent stuck his dick in one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand. He’s not completely wrong for suspending this girl cause those can definitely be used as a sex toy. I’m not saying I’ve rocked out with one like it was a pocket pussy. But lets say when you’re 13-14 and learning about sex stuff and watched your first porn where they were doing shit like fingering a woman. The next time you saw one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand, you absolutely put your fingers in that thing slowly and thought very unchristian things. I know that’s not just me out there. So while I don’t think this girl should get in trouble or nothing. I can definitely see this principles side. For one, walking by at a glance, it looks like she’s selling a monster pink glittery dildo. Taking a second look, the principle was probably like “oh shit, this girls peddling flesh lights around my campus and its selling like hot cakes.” Only the last and logical thought is that its one of those stupid toys being sold to raise money for autistic kids and I guarantee those students are buying one just to try to stick their dicks in it later when they get home from school.

P.s- This is best case scenario, three day break from school with out getting in trouble with your parents. Kids, start slinging these fake sex toys and enjoy a break while counting your 1’s.

“Wheel of Fugitive” is Brevard County’s Hottest Weekly Criminal Outing Game Show


This week’s episode of “Wheel of Fugitive” was recorded live on Fox News 35 earlier this morning in the Media Production Unit of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Fox News 35 had previously requested to showcase the tremendous success of our “Wheel of Fugitive” program and actually had us spin the wheel to select this week’s Fugitive of the Week live on their morning show.

If you know where we can find Julie Ann Newberry please let us know by calling Crimeline at (800) 423-TIPS, sending us an email at or by sending us a personal message on our Facebook page.

As always thank you for all you do to help us keep Brevard County a safe place to call home!!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey



Oh boy. On some level its kind of a sick world that we live in where we’ve turned finding criminal fugitives into some game show as if they have no lives and are on display. I know they try to spin it in a positive way focusing on making them come in them selves but still. It’s some game show showing people in their darkest times. Also feel like Brevard county is exactly the type of county to do this and have actual people watch.

But, if I’m gonna be real. Like real real

I love it. I want everything to be turned into some form of entertainment. I mean everyone watches Cops. If it’s one of those Sunday’s where you’re lazy as fuck and nothings on T.V and you got some shit to work on, you turn on Cops and watch them chase down crack heads and meth dealers.  When you wake up in the middle of the night and trying to find something on TV to fall asleep to, its Cops. Not like this is much of a far cry away. If anything what we need to do is combine this, Cops, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and The First 48. Spin the wheel and then the hunt for justice starts. Except non of that bear mase pepper ball bullshit Dog uses. Straight 9mm bullets. 48 hours to find the guy. Live streaming TV show.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that. I’m sure the actual police work that goes into finding a criminal is actually pretty boring. But the second they get a sniff of the criminal thats where the thrill begins. And when they actually get into an on foot pursuit. Pure adrenaline. Its the greatest B+ television.

Fuck This Dude With Out Legs Running On A Treadmill


Hey buddy, do you have lactic acid burning your entire lower region? No cause you don’t have a lower region anymore. I don’t want to be crass here but its the fact. Don’t go throwing around try hard inspirational videos that are a sham. Oh look at me, I can burn fat like crazy with out legs. False, you lost half your weight because your legs are gone. Like that Blade Runner dude who was actually a murderer. People thought it was great to see a guy run who has prosthetic legs. Wrong. He had like fucking robotic legs that can’t get tired and are made out of light weight carbon fiber. Way to teach the kids that they can be faster if they cut off their legs.

No One Has Looked More Comfortable Rag Dolling A Guy Than This Alleged Rapist In Baby blue Eeyore Pajama Onsie

What a wild time in Vegas. First off, all those people just walking about like this wasn’t gonna be a prized fight about to go down in typical historic Vegas fashion is crazy. People pay thousands to watch a Mayweather fight live. This was a billion times better. You don’t have the regular stare down between boxers saying the other is going to beat the shit out of the other one. Instead we got people accusing people of being a rapist and the other party claiming he was drugged and that they stripped him of everything. Pacquiao never had any of that go down at the press conference. But the fight itself, bananas. First off if you’re gonna bring in a foreign object like a guitar into the mix, you gotta swing that thing like an Ax. You can’t bring your body half closer to try to gun butt the guy with your guitar with out getting susceptible to hits. And once he made that mistake it was pretty much over for him. But you know what was the absolute knock out? It was when Eeyore mustered ever last bit of strength he had to lift him 6 inches off the ground to body slam the guy into a coma. By far some of the weakest, yet thrilling match ups I’ve ever seen in a fight. Kind of need Jim Lampley calling this fight and Larry Merchant interviewing the pajama onsies guy afterward and ask him if he did in fact rape that girl. I mean we dont even need to get into the fact that the guy is in fact wearing a Baby blue Eeyore onsies pajama suit. Thats just Vegas being Vegas.

P.s- The guitar gun butt thing, thats one thing that always frustrated the shit out of me back then watching WWF. Always a feeling of being cheapened out when Triple H would pull out the sledge hammer and half over it with his hand and just ding the guys head with it. Thats no way to use a sledge hammer. I know it’s just entertainment but I wanted him to drop the hammer on mother fuckers like he was chopping wood with it. Obviously it would be manslaughter if he did that but if you’re gonna throw a sledge hammer into the mix then you kind of have to use it that way. At least use it to pound Kurt Angle’s ankles into dust.

I Don’t Hate This Felon’s Move For Hiding Behind A Massive Teddy Bear

WASHINGTON — News Release / Pierce County Sheriff — On the afternoon of Thursday March 9, two Department of Corrections officers conducted a compliance check on a subject who was on active DOC supervision at a residence on 28th Ave. E. in the Brookdale area of Tacoma. The deputies in our Gang Unit assisted in the compliance check because DOC had information that another person living in the residence had an active felony warrant for his arrest.
When deputies entered the residence they were told the wanted man was in the house. As they walked through the house, deputies initially did not see the see the suspect… but they did see a giant 6 foot tall stuffed teddy bear in the corner of one of the bedrooms… and the suspect was crouched down hiding behind it.

If there’s one thing that separates me from a normal intelligent functioning society, its the fact that I’ll believe whatever I see on a big screen if it’s convincing enough. I keep telling myself it’s outrageous we have to pay a monthly electric bill when we can just use arc reactor technology for clean sustainable free energy. Oh the world has a zika virus break out? Why the fuck aren’t we using the Ganali Device like in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and just cure the world one city at a time. Well tell me you havent seen this move play out before in movies? I mean what is even the point of these massive Costco sized 7 foot stuffed bears if not for hiding something illegal behind. I mean these things are MASSIVE. The only bad thing is theres no zipper for these i dont think in which case would be great cause you can probably just hide inside the damn teddy bear and no one would be the wiser. It probably has to do with the fact that the bear looks so god damn innocent. Would never think its used to conceal a criminal. I mean the fact is the first sweep around, they had no fucking idea the crook was hiding behind one of these. Happens in movies and happens in real life. Next time find a room full of stuffed animals and just have them cover your body and i bet they’ll just glance over it while you’re dead staring them in the face.