Russian Tram Driver Plows Into A Car With Out A Flinch


No emotion what so ever. Another day, another bitch in the way of the tram that she has to just punch through with a giant public transportation vehicle. You think this was 1st time this happened for this woman? Might be the 1st one of that day maybe. Judging by her reaction, her career as a public tram driver would probably wow Michael Bay. Not a fuck given. What she gonna do stop the tram with a dozen people on it who need to get from point A to point B? Get your shit off the road or else shes gonna punch right through. And to be fair, i think she was trying to slow down the whole time. Not her fault that it takes a fuck ton to slow down the kinetic energy of a giant ass train. But her reaction afterwards. Just stop, take a pause, time out like its just another day thing as if she didn’t just murder the person in the car is incredible. Probably doesn’t even care if there was a baby in that thing. She’s already justified in her head that its the car drivers fault for getting plowed by her Tram.

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