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2 Alligators Fighting Is Unbelievably Boring


Wildly boring. You would think that 2 primordial beast that look like the most primitive of animals would clash off and make it look like Jurassic Park. Wrong. Most vanilla thing ever. I mean nothing died/ got eaten. What the fuck was the point if one doesn’t get torn to shreds. In fact I’m starting to hate these alligator videos. People just get so mystified by them cause they look like a dinosaur and grow fucking massive. What ever. Size don’t mean shit if it isn’t using it to dominate something. The weaker one just rolled and swam away like it was nothing. Yea it can maim a gazelle and anything else that’s a vegetarian but i want to see a gator fight a gator, loser gets eaten. And also, what the fuck is with all these gators on golf courses. Handle that shit better, put up fences or something. I never played golf but I kinda would like to not pack a shotgun in my golf bag for when I’m trying to avoid landing near a water hazard. Seriously, Golf courses seem to be a breeding ground for alligators.