As A Person Living In A Pro Gun State, It’s Kind Of Funny Seeing The What Kind Of Guns Get Seized In Other Places

Breaking911- Police officers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recovered two firearms and arrested a man for assault. On Saturday, April 15, officers assigned to the 90 Precinct responded to a residence after receiving a call for an assault that took place. The victim indicated that she was assaulted by her boyfriend and that he had threatened her. The police officers were able to locate the suspect’s car and observed two firearms inside.
The 28-year-old man was arrest and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, assault, and menacing. A loaded .45 caliber handgun and a 16 gauge shotgun were recovered.


I never make a big issue out of gun debates. I let that shit fly right by me. I have a number of them, I care a lot more about the government taking away my T.V. and internet than taking my guns. Sure i like to go target shooting every now and then and when i was living alone it does offer a small piece of mind at night. But also, it gave me some knowledge on insights into firearms which makes me less intimidated by them. Case and point, this guy with his .45 caliber Hi point which has probably THE WORST reputation in the world for pistols. I’m curious what this guy plans on doing with that thing because I’m pretty sure the slide might melt by the time he empties a full magazine out of that thing if it doesn’t just shatter in his hands after the first round.  But the best part about this picture is the fucking shot gun. 16 gauge?!?!?! My god I don’t even think I’ve ever even seen a 16 gauge before. Honestly it’s peak Williamsburg. If any trendy hipster asshole from Williamsburg were to get some sort of fire arm, it would be a shot gun like this. Not anything practical, proven, or trusted like a Glock, 1911, or a S&W revolver. Nothing with ease to use like a regular pump action shotgun chambered in a caliber that is powerful enough to stop a criminal. No, a typical Williamsburg hipster would chose something with wood furniture, an inconvenient single shot, and a caliber that they dont even sell in stores much anymore. Such a hipster move.

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