I Don’t Hate This Felon’s Move For Hiding Behind A Massive Teddy Bear

WASHINGTON — News Release / Pierce County Sheriff — On the afternoon of Thursday March 9, two Department of Corrections officers conducted a compliance check on a subject who was on active DOC supervision at a residence on 28th Ave. E. in the Brookdale area of Tacoma. The deputies in our Gang Unit assisted in the compliance check because DOC had information that another person living in the residence had an active felony warrant for his arrest.
When deputies entered the residence they were told the wanted man was in the house. As they walked through the house, deputies initially did not see the see the suspect… but they did see a giant 6 foot tall stuffed teddy bear in the corner of one of the bedrooms… and the suspect was crouched down hiding behind it.

If there’s one thing that separates me from a normal intelligent functioning society, its the fact that I’ll believe whatever I see on a big screen if it’s convincing enough. I keep telling myself it’s outrageous we have to pay a monthly electric bill when we can just use arc reactor technology for clean sustainable free energy. Oh the world has a zika virus break out? Why the fuck aren’t we using the Ganali Device like in The Amazing Spiderman 2 and just cure the world one city at a time. Well tell me you havent seen this move play out before in movies? I mean what is even the point of these massive Costco sized 7 foot stuffed bears if not for hiding something illegal behind. I mean these things are MASSIVE. The only bad thing is theres no zipper for these i dont think in which case would be great cause you can probably just hide inside the damn teddy bear and no one would be the wiser. It probably has to do with the fact that the bear looks so god damn innocent. Would never think its used to conceal a criminal. I mean the fact is the first sweep around, they had no fucking idea the crook was hiding behind one of these. Happens in movies and happens in real life. Next time find a room full of stuffed animals and just have them cover your body and i bet they’ll just glance over it while you’re dead staring them in the face.

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