“Wheel of Fugitive” is Brevard County’s Hottest Weekly Criminal Outing Game Show


This week’s episode of “Wheel of Fugitive” was recorded live on Fox News 35 earlier this morning in the Media Production Unit of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Fox News 35 had previously requested to showcase the tremendous success of our “Wheel of Fugitive” program and actually had us spin the wheel to select this week’s Fugitive of the Week live on their morning show.

If you know where we can find Julie Ann Newberry please let us know by calling Crimeline at (800) 423-TIPS, sending us an email at wheeloffugitive@bcso.us or by sending us a personal message on our Facebook page.

As always thank you for all you do to help us keep Brevard County a safe place to call home!!

Sheriff Wayne Ivey



Oh boy. On some level its kind of a sick world that we live in where we’ve turned finding criminal fugitives into some game show as if they have no lives and are on display. I know they try to spin it in a positive way focusing on making them come in them selves but still. It’s some game show showing people in their darkest times. Also feel like Brevard county is exactly the type of county to do this and have actual people watch.

But, if I’m gonna be real. Like real real

I love it. I want everything to be turned into some form of entertainment. I mean everyone watches Cops. If it’s one of those Sunday’s where you’re lazy as fuck and nothings on T.V and you got some shit to work on, you turn on Cops and watch them chase down crack heads and meth dealers.  When you wake up in the middle of the night and trying to find something on TV to fall asleep to, its Cops. Not like this is much of a far cry away. If anything what we need to do is combine this, Cops, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and The First 48. Spin the wheel and then the hunt for justice starts. Except non of that bear mase pepper ball bullshit Dog uses. Straight 9mm bullets. 48 hours to find the guy. Live streaming TV show.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that. I’m sure the actual police work that goes into finding a criminal is actually pretty boring. But the second they get a sniff of the criminal thats where the thrill begins. And when they actually get into an on foot pursuit. Pure adrenaline. Its the greatest B+ television.

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