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Don’t Know What The End Game Was For Jeremy Putnam, But Dressing Up As The Joker Wielding A Sword Will Get You Arrested 10 Out Of 10 Times.

Foxnews– The Joker is behind bars. It’s a storyline that could be straight out of the comic books.
Yet in Winchester, Virginia, it’s a true story.
Local police said they arrested a man dressed like the famous comic book villain – decked out in a cape and carrying a sword.
Police spokesperson Jennifer Hall said the department received several 911 calls Friday afternoon reporting a man made up as Batman’s nemesis.
Thirty-one-year-old Jeremy Putman was arrested and charged with wearing a mask in public, a felony in the state of Virginia that can result in a year in jail.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether Putman has a lawyer.

Anyone who chooses to dress like The Joker in public is a bit of a lunatic and is clearly trying to rile up the public. At this point after all the shootings and shit, it’s trying to incite fear. That’s pretty clear cut, but what we gotta know is what the fuck is Jeremy’s end game here. Honestly that’s the part that weirds me out a bit. The article has said next to nothing about it besides that he was arrested in a Joker costume with a sword. Now one option is a prank. Why on earth would The Joker be swinging a sword. That’s not his steeze. He’s a bullets, knives, and gasoline type guy. At least the Heath Ledger version was. So Jeremy might kinda suck at being Joker. Dressing like him is easy, you gotta fit the person with the knives and guns. The scarier fucking option though, is if this is his plan all along, to get arrested. We all saw The Dark Knight. That might be Putnam’s master plan this whole time. You think you got him but he’s actually 2 steps ahead with a bomb stitched up inside some druggie low life also in the clink and then the next thing you know the local Winchester, Virginia holding cell blows up and a crooked accountant gets taken hostage with access to millions. Sounds farfetched but stare at that mugshot a little big longer and try to tell me this guy isn’t a psychopath waiting to blow something up.

P.s- A year in prison for wearing a mask in public is pretty absurd.

Double P.s- I had to ride on an airplane with this terrorist looking dude one time.