Teen Suspended For 3 Days For Selling Sex Toys That Were Actually Just Those Water Snake Wigglies

RACINE — A Racine family says their principal accused their child of selling sex toys at school.
The 12-year-old girl’s father has been trying to clear his daughter’s name ever since she was suspended for three days from Trinity Lutheran School on Geneva Street in Racine.
Parents may recognize the toy in question. They are called “water snake wigglies.” The girl claims she had permission from a teacher to sell the children’s toys.
However, the principal at Trinity Lutheran School accused the student of selling what she thought were sex toys.
The school’s pastor, Pastor David Gehne, said this issue already went before the school board, which sided with the principal.
“We wouldn’t discuss the details of any situation regarding one of our children, they’re all minors,” said Gehne.
“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water-filled bag,” said Milt Habeck, the father of the girl.
Habeck adds he does not plan to stop until his daughter’s record is cleared. He wrote a blog online that includes witness statements titled: “Vindicate Frances.”

First things first, I’m 26 years old and I’ve had zero idea what those things are called. When speaking about it, its one of those things where you just say “You know one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand.” That 16 word phrase was it’s name for 26 years and will be forever moving forward cause i just had no idea they were actually called a “water snake wigglie”

That being said, This Lutheran principle has 100 percent stuck his dick in one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand. He’s not completely wrong for suspending this girl cause those can definitely be used as a sex toy. I’m not saying I’ve rocked out with one like it was a pocket pussy. But lets say when you’re 13-14 and learning about sex stuff and watched your first porn where they were doing shit like fingering a woman. The next time you saw one of those plastic things that are filled with water and flip out of your hand, you absolutely put your fingers in that thing slowly and thought very unchristian things. I know that’s not just me out there. So while I don’t think this girl should get in trouble or nothing. I can definitely see this principles side. For one, walking by at a glance, it looks like she’s selling a monster pink glittery dildo. Taking a second look, the principle was probably like “oh shit, this girls peddling flesh lights around my campus and its selling like hot cakes.” Only the last and logical thought is that its one of those stupid toys being sold to raise money for autistic kids and I guarantee those students are buying one just to try to stick their dicks in it later when they get home from school.

P.s- This is best case scenario, three day break from school with out getting in trouble with your parents. Kids, start slinging these fake sex toys and enjoy a break while counting your 1’s.

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