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Does The Jaguar CEO Look Comfortable Being Carried On The Shoulders Of Wyclef Jean Like He’s His Girlfriend At A Concert?

I’ve at times considered this dreamy lovey dovey scenario. Me and my girl friend at some point go to some 80’s cover band concert in the park. She’s a little short so I’ll let her ride my shoulders as we vibe out. They’re playing Your Love by The Outfield maybe Keep On Loving You by REO Speedwagon. I look up and we’re both singing the words to the songs and we’re both smiling happy.

I know at some point here the CEO of jaguar was happy. Who can’t be happy in that moment? That’s the power of music, when it hits you feel no pain. Now the second he realized people were recording how absurd of a scenario it was for a 60 year old CEO to be on the shoulders of Wyclef Jean grooving out to Your Love by The Outfield that’s where things go awry. Next thing you know its like Wyclef giving you a front facing power bomb and the night is ruined.

Ridonculous Video Of A Jaguar Hunting A Gator

Was expecting the Jaguar to pull out some giant catfish or something. Didn’t expect him to yank out a god damn alligator by the neck. Plus he did that shit with the quickness. Aimed it up perfectly. Dive in right with his mouth at the neck and don’t let go. Fucking awesome.