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At Some Point They Should Teach Being An Onlyfans Model in Business Schools

What do you get the woman who has everything? A Times Square billboard featuring her own face, of course.
Atlanta-based model Moriah Mills says she was left stunned when her “sugar daddy” gifted her the gigantic digital display for her 28th birthday last month.

“Seeing my face up there in bright lights was the most thrilling thing,” Mills said of the 100-by-80 foot billboard, which was set up on the corner of West 48th Street from Oct. 11 to Oct. 17.
“I looked stunning…It made me feel like a star and it’s totally what I deserve.”
Times Square pedestrians certainly copped an eyeful of Mills, as the billboard photo featured the model showing off her ample cleavage in a skimpy crop top.
Mills did not divulge how much the extravagant birthday gift cost, but industry outlet Indeed claims a rotating Times Square billboard can cost upwards of $22,000 for two weeks.

“He’s not a boyfriend in the traditional sense but someone who I treat amazing and he treats me great in return.” The billboard isn’t the only extravagant present that the man has given Mills. “I’m so lucky, he gives me cash and other nice gifts all the time,” she explained. “He’ll often fly me out for dinner wherever he is working and we always stay in touch through text.” “I give him my time and genuine affection, he doesn’t ask for anything and sometimes I feel bad but he tells me he’s there to spoil me only and make me feel like a princess,” the model added. Mills certainly isn’t short of money herself, recently revealing she makes a whopping $300,000 a month on OnlyFans.

Here I am working a regular ass job, trying to blog more to try to shift career to something i can do online and i have my pops bending my ear constantly about how I really need to look into investing in real estate. Thats all he talks about. “Buy this and you calculate the mortgage and something something 4%. You make the renters finance your mortgage. House values double in 20 years blah blah blah.” You ask him, he wants me to invest in real estate. I ask a stock guy, he tells me I should do Stocks. Ask a crypto guy, they’re gonna tell me go crypto. But here’s the thing, no matter what we’re all gonna be chumps unless you’re a banging Onlyfans model. Incels might despise her but id imagine there has to be a finance incel out there that realize she has a pretty sweet deal from a business stand point. All the flights paid for. Extravagant dinners paid for. Bringing in 300k a month! And now the precedent has been set where they don’t need to pay for advertising. I’m trying to save up enough money to buy a house, rent it out so renters can help finance a mortgage a thousand bucks at a time over 20 years, and this lady just got a guy to drop 20k to promote her in one of the most densely populated areas in America known for advertising.

I understand flying a girl out to provide affection and comfort. I even get wanting to spoil a girl a bit financially. At some point, though, I would let them handle their business side or handle their own personal assets. Now, though, if I’m viewing the landscape of business and success and if I’ve gotten compliments all my life about my looks, there’s no reason not to push for more. A billboard to advertise you was one thing. It wouldn’t shock me if we get a story in another 5 years of an OnlyFans model who has a sugar daddy that gifted her like a percentage in commercial real estate. “Oh my god baby, that’s so sweet of you to give me a mutual fund account!” “Hey sugar daddy, you know the Etherium coins you gave me? We’ll they’ve tripled in value!” “Whats that honey? You want to fly me out to celebrate your business going public and you’re gonna give me a few shares from the IPO? I’d love to do that for you babe.” What a life.

UCF Ranked Number 2 For Most Students With Sugar Daddies

ORLANDO, Fla. – The University of Central Florida took the No. 2 spot on SeekingArrangement’s list of the “Fastest Growing Sugar Babies Schools” in the nation.
More than 2.5 million of the 20 million users of the sugar daddy dating site are American college students who receive an average monthly allowance of $3,000 from their partners, according to the study. Of that total, UCF students take more than 1,000 of those spots.

Here is the list of top schools for having the most sugar babies.

  1. Georgia State University with 306 new sign-ups and a total of 1,304 students.
  2. University of Central Florida with 296 new sign-ups and a total of 1,068 students.
  3. University of Alabama with 270 new sign-ups and a total of 968 students.
  4. Florida State University with 257 new sign-ups and a total of 873 students.
  5. University of Florida with 251 new sign-ups and a total of 501 students.
  6. Rutgers University with 225 new sign-ups and a total of 684 students.
  7. California State University, Fullerton with 206 new sign-ups and a total of 525 students.
  8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas with 203 new sign-ups and a total of 583 students.
  9. University of North Texas with 192 new sign-ups and a total of 573 students.
  10. University of Missouri with 183 new sign-ups and a total of 542 students.
  11. West Virginia University with 167 new sign-ups and a total of 550 students.
  12. University of Cincinnati with 161 new sign-ups and a total of 522 students.
  13. University of Southern California with 156 new sign-ups and a total of 583 students.
  14. San Francisco State University with 154 new sign-ups and a total of 510 students.
  15. University of California, Los Angeles with 153 new sign-ups and a total of 614 students.
  16. Columbia University with 152 new sign-ups and a total of 1008 students.
  17. New York University with 147 new sign-ups and a total of 1676 students.
  18. University of North Carolina with 142 new sign-ups and a total of 514 students.
  19. University of Texas, San Antonio with 141 new sign-ups and a total of 875 students.
  20. Colorado State University with 138 new sign-ups and a total of 356 students.

What an honor! Listen, if someone guy or girl is willing to shell out cash for whatever reason, go get that bag. The Sugar daddy game is an interesting one. Sure the upper echelon of the SD game is prostitution where you’re sleeping with the oldest oil Baron west of the Mississippi in silk sheets because any material harder than silk or 10,000 thread count Egyptian fiber could shatter his bones. You put up with that and get a couple thousand directly deposited in your bank account and are sent back to school in a really shiny black car. Those are the extremes though. There’s probably a larger group of guys who are all old and alone, their wifes a bitch, sons a cunt. Just wants to take a girl out for italian food and want those people to appreciate what you’re doing for them. I dont hate it. Theres some people that shell out money for feet pic. The worlds crazy and filled with all sorts. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the statistic, don’t feel ashamed because clearly the numbers are staggering.

Most surprising name on this list though has to be University of Cincinnati. UCF makes sense. Easy acceptance rate, ton of hot chicks. But who the fuck are the ones sugar daddying to some person at the University of Cincinnati?? Do bearcat chicks got it like that? Is there even a market of people rich enough from Cincinnati to even play the game?