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Guy Gets Viciously Speared In A Rugby Match

Now its been awhile since I’ve watched wrestling and even longer since I’ve played any of the video games, but do you remember when you could make your own character you obviously had to give him the spear as one of his moves. The Rock did it, Goldberg, all the greats had a good spear in their repertoire. The only problem was the actual look of the spear. You could do the very basic one where the character slowly dives into the guys abdomen but that wasn’t good enough. You needed the ones like the The Rock where you flew at mach speed into the person and they folded up like a binder and brought their spine into the canvas. Well thats what we had here in this rugby match. A spear worthy of sending an opponent through those cheap ply wood table or the spanish announcers table. There was no breaking the 3 count on that one because he was probably dead. His rib cage/internal organs/mental psyche just left his body and went straight into the ground. Ruthless but such a beautiful hit.

P.s- the problem with this is when ever I make a post relating to wrestling i spend hours watching old WWF footage. I was gonna blog this at 11 am and its 2:30 pm right now and I might’ve hit the end of youtube searching for WWF videos.

P.P.S- I give the guy probs for holding onto the ball all the way through the hit. Good chance I would’ve thrown the ball and ran for my life screaming if i saw that guy accelerating towards me

If Theres A Rugby Player With The Nickname “Tongan Bear” You Probably Shouldn’t Try To Tackle Him.

You gotta pick and choose the moments in life when you want to be a hero. Some mugger punches and old lady and steals her purse? you go after that criminal. Some animal trapped under some heavy debris? You help that baby animal out. When a 6 foot 290 lb man with the nick name “Tongan Bear” is charging at you in a game of rugby? Thats when you set your ego aside and dont be a hero or else you end up with at minimum a concussion and at max you end up like Jason Street in a wheel chair for life because you dont know how to tackle a 290 lb wrecking ball properly

Rugby Player Just Obliterated A Ball Just By Falling On It.

Fucking Rugby is no joke. I always kind of wondered why it hasn’t blown up here in America. I mean we bash soccer people all the time and i would stand by all of what we say. They flop, they’re soft, the game sucks, its slow, low scoring etc. Its all true. I don’t know the scoring or rules or anything at all really about rugby but I know Rugby hooligans aren’t pussies. No pads, running into a scrum, tackling mother fuckers and destroying rugby balls seems like an awesome thing to watch. Here we gotta expect like 30 flags a game for defensive fouls and shit. Maybe its just a false perception in my head but i feel like they get like an LT type leg break every other game.

Either way just love the play. Snap the ball and trying to get a play going and then the guy just gives the old Dikembe No-no- no! and smacks the ball right to the goal line. Pick up the egg, crack it down, make an omelet. Thats just how Rugby guys do it.