Rugby Player Just Obliterated A Ball Just By Falling On It.

Fucking Rugby is no joke. I always kind of wondered why it hasn’t blown up here in America. I mean we bash soccer people all the time and i would stand by all of what we say. They flop, they’re soft, the game sucks, its slow, low scoring etc. Its all true. I don’t know the scoring or rules or anything at all really about rugby but I know Rugby hooligans aren’t pussies. No pads, running into a scrum, tackling mother fuckers and destroying rugby balls seems like an awesome thing to watch. Here we gotta expect like 30 flags a game for defensive fouls and shit. Maybe its just a false perception in my head but i feel like they get like an LT type leg break every other game.

Either way just love the play. Snap the ball and trying to get a play going and then the guy just gives the old Dikembe No-no- no! and smacks the ball right to the goal line. Pick up the egg, crack it down, make an omelet. Thats just how Rugby guys do it.


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