Dolphins Hire Adam Gase


It was a nice calm saturday today. Wanted to get fit so i went for like a 4 mile jog ( i walked like 3.9 and jogged the last .1 mile to avoid the neighbors dogs barking at me). I went out to Panera for lunch trying to get healthy with a salad when all of a sudden news broke of this mid in line ordering a Chicken Cobb with Avocado and i didn’t quite now how to react because i just feel mixed feelings about this and i haven’t seen any of the press yet about his plan or anything. I know other teams were pretty interested and he’s kind of the guy this off season but then again this is kind of like Philbin 2.0 just years younger. All i know is my first and only reaction right away was to order an entire baguette and im almost done eating said baguette. Tons of butter too. But a bigger recap when i get time to burn these carbs.

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