Chivalry Is Still Alive When This Guy’s Girl Gets Absolutely Pants-ed And Ragdolled On This Carnival Ride.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.12.44 AM


First things first, I don’t want to sound like a tough guy or a pro-machinery robot type of guy, but that chick absolutely sucked at that carnival ride. Like everyone bounced around and was tossed a little bit but she was literally like a Raggedy Ann doll will no control of her body past her neck what so ever. Everyone managed to stay in seated position but she some how looked like she was clinging on to a steel bar hanging off of the Titanic. Poor form. As for this guy though, good to see a chivalrous man still come into action when his lady is getting stripped naked by a carnival ride. Take note of that, ladies. Don’t think we’re all dogs when we see pants coming off and think about having sex with you right away. Sometimes we straddle you with our dicks up against you to save you of shame and embarrassment. And for you, girl who got pantsed like a middle schooler, maybe wear tighter jeans next time. Feel sexier for you, look sexier for your man who’s trying to save you, and don’t get sexually assaulted by the traveling carnival ride that comes to town 3 times a year. It needs to be a little bit struggle to fit your ass into jeans, if not, thats why god gave people yoga pants.

-Also I dont think she’s wearing any underwear either.

-Also, shout out to this girl for wearing underwear but riding with a dress and not caring at all.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 5.35.41 PM

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