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Mike Matheson Knocked Devil’s Defense Man Damon Severson Off His Launch Pad To Feed Barkov The GWG in Overtime



Great win last night. Not gonna lie, 1st time of NHL it was awesome. Just Auston Matthews putting on a clinic to ease you back into the season. 2nd night, last night, however was just feistyness all over the league. Jussi getting into the digs. Rookie Shane Harper dropping the mitts. Ekblad getting a high stick to his adonis-like visage. Officiating not doing us any favors but we got the W in the end after Matheson makes his presences known game 1 of a 82+ game season by bulldozing a guy and feeding the puck to Barkov for the Game winning goal. Hockey is back and i hope to god it’s gonna be here till next summer.

Also to note, last night the Panthers honored Jose Fernandez. I still can’t believe he’s gone and his death i think will always be shocking to a lot of South Florida people but still a great classy move by the Panthers. Was only fitting that #16 gets the game winner on the night they honor another great #16

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P.s: Those sweaters are hot. Look great on ice. The brand has evolved and it’s turning into a beaut on ice.

The Panthers Reveal Their New Logo And Sweaters: Beautiful Things Don’t Beg For Attention

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Im just going to jump right in with the score. Its an A. Maybe not an A+ because we haven’t seen them in action just yet but rest assure its an A. I hate literally EVERYONE saying they hate it for what ever reason they have. Look I dont hate the old logo, they just look so dated. Will be fun to wear that in like a throw back game or something, but make no mistake about it, those things look and belong in the 1990’s. I’ve said it in an earlier post, that they just screamed 90’s expansion team. All the people calling for the front office’s head asking to bring back the old leaping cat because its more intimidating need to get with the times. They just want hard hitting and loud brash logos. All of those things are all bark and bite but this isn’t a dog fight, its hockey. A game that’s now speed and possession driven with data to support right decisions. So lets address all the pros and cons one by one starting with the Cons just to shoot down all your silly notions.


1.) The Leaping Cat Was More Intimidating!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.46.27 AM

Of the 30 NHL clubs which logo can you actually say is intimidating? Panthers pre-last Thursday I guess you can say looks intimidating although you can argue that the cat is leaping to give you a hug. Other than that, Minnesota, Nashville, and San Jose I would say are the other 3 “most intimidating” logos. Minnesota is almost in 100% agreement that they were better as the North Stars. Nothing intimidating about the letter “N” and nothing intimidating about a forest scenery embedded in an animal skull.  Nashville? I guess I would be afraid of a Saber tooth tiger if evolution and natural events didn’t wipe them off the face of the earth, but then again I would realize it has the largest over bite in the world and can’t actually eat me. So intimidation factor? 0%. San Jose Sharks? In the past few years they’ve been a bit of a Washington Capitals and blowing up from underneath when they look poised to win the Stanley Cup. They’re 1-3 now facing elimination on Friday for a chance to lose in their first Cup Finals. Congrats, but not intimidating. The fucking Penguins logo is a happy Skating Penguin and their about to claim another cup. So really intimidation logos can GTFO of my face. You know whats intimidating? Knowing guys like Ovi can fire a rocket from the top circle into the goal. That you can go up 3 nothing in the 3rd but guys like Toews, Crosby, Tavares can laugh that off and find a way to win. Thats what’s intimidating. The Red Wings have a tire with wings on it. Literally two of the most random object pairings a brain can think of and they’re still intimidating. Having the leaping cat as some type of intimidation factor is a joke when we’ve made the playoffs 5 times. That shit wasn’t intimidating no one.

Bonus Round Religious Intimidation Logo- NJ Devils. Not even the most god fearing nun is afraid of the devils right now.

2.) They Look Like International Jerseys! Like Finland or Czech or Russian Jerseys!

I guess people might have somewhat of a point here. I guess they do kinda look like Finland or Czech Olympic jerseys but you say that as if its a problem which it isn’t and if you disagree there are two guys I’d like you to meet that’ll change you’re mind.barkov___finland Jagr_Czech1

Do you have something bad to say about international looking jerseys still? I think not.

P.s- I remember towards the end of last season I saw a beautiful European girl at the BB&T wearing a Suomi Barkov jersey and I nearly wanted to rip it right off her back. Yea it would’ve been sexual assault but but I also would need to make the mug shot of me desperately trying to squeeze into a Barkov Suomi jersey as my profile picture for all social media platforms.

3.) They Look Like Soccer Jerseys! Welcome To Panthers F.C.!

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.13.14 PM

Google Soccer jerseys or Futbol “kits” and try to find me a jersey that looks like the new sweaters. Oh wait you can’t because these are two different sports with entirely different jersey types. Honestly its one of the more absurd comments I’ve heard. Now I assume when people say that they mean to say the logo itself looks like a soccer logo. Why? because its some shield or crest shape logo?  If anything I’d argue that a shield/crest logo is the highest forms of logos. They command respect. No one has ever said “Oh man those Rangers home whites look terrible with their logo!” because they all know it would be lying.  I also saw someone say that they remind them immediately of F.C. Dallas logo. Bro there’s no chance in hell you thought of some random MLS logo. Liars.

4.) Our New Logo Is Nala From The Lion King!12991116_1771066346468521_1684550524035650323_n

Uhh was this suppose to be a bad thing? Nala, that bitch was regal as fuck. Who is a man with out his woman to support him? Who is Simba with out Nala? A virgin ass lion who betrayed his land and cowered away from his position as the King because he was dumb enough to fall for evil uncle’s tricks. Oh and kind of a race trader for befriending a warthog and a meerkat, but its 2016 so that’s progressive. He shamed his father until Nala helped convince him to beat that asshole Scar up. Nala was the backbone to Simba and the main reason Pride Rock was Jumpin once Scar died. Not to mention everyone knows the female lions do most of the hunting.

P.s- If the Thrashers were still a thing it would be kinda funny if they had a logo redesign that looked like Zazu, mostly because Zazu is a funny name that makes me giggle.

5.) They Look Like The Jags New Logo!

Jaguars secondary new logo_0

Not gonna lie, this one hurts, but like the Jags, we’re both young teams compared to the rest of the league and filled with years of disappointment. Also like the Jags, I’m pretty sure they wanted to change to reflect dumping away the older years and bring in something modern with new personnel and try to win. For them it was Blake Bortles (UCF stand up) for us, it was Barkov, Huberdeau, Ekblad, Luongo, Jagr with Tallon heading it all and Gallant coaching the shit. So the difference is we should be showing them how to do it up.

6.) It Looks Like A Cougar or Mountain lion, not a Panther!


Hey did you dummies flunk Biology?  Cougars and mountain lions are the same! Cougars, Mountain Lions, and Panthers, even the Florida versions! Genus: Puma Species: P. Concolor. Did Vinnie Viola get it wrong? No. You guys just don’t understand Latin and the concept of taxonomy. It’s now a subspecies that is hardly even recognized by scientist so I don’t expect artist to make a rendering that provides distinct biological differences when scientist don’t even recognize differences. Not to mention with Vinnie Viola under the helm, be lucky he didn’t just change the name entirely to some branch of the Military because given the option I bet he would.

P.s- You see the rounded ears bit? This new logo is more anatomically correct than the old one.


That should cover all the complaints I’ve seen around the web. For all I know this might just be the vocal minority but either way i just squashed their silly opinions. On to the pro’s and just general changes.

1.) Clean AF


This might just be because Ekblad is the team model and everyone knows Riley Smith crushes pussy but those are clean and sexy as fuck. Simple. Bold. Regal. It might be one thing to judge the logo itself on a plain navy blue background but those things on body and in motion look awesome. The red is so bright. The white I think will look clean on the ice. A touch of navy blue to make all the others pop and one thing I’ve never liked on the old jersey was the yellow. Just the word right now seems unappealing. “Yellow.” It reminds me of macaroni and cheese or some nacho cheese color and that was all over the old sweaters. This did away with that. Now legit Gold and the right amount to not over take the red or white. There’s less going on now. You can say the leaping cat looked more intimidating all you want but if you stare right into the eyes and mouth, something about it always looked robotic. This one looks noble and serious as should be the direction the team is moving towards.

2.) Logo crest

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.01.30 PM

A huge talk about the logo was that it was based on the 101 Airbourne division. Now obviously they’re shapped different but the other one would’ve looked too much like the Rangers logo. We’re talking strictly NHL, no team has a logo like this. And c’mon its based off of the Division that helped win WWII. South Florida should appreciate it along with the rest of Florida, the entire United States, Normandy France, and all the other allies in combat. If you don’t you’re kind of being a bit of a terrorist/nazi.

3.) Shoulder Logo

95.0 Panthers-alternate.0

Now you could not find a bigger proponent of the old shoulder logo the cats were rocking than me. I loves the Palm tree and hockey stick. Loved it more than the main logo itself. It said everything that the North wanted. Sunshine and hockey. You think these millionaire athletes want to spend a majority of their time in the frigid north? Definitely not. There’s a reason why almost half of the license plates at BB&T at from Quebec when you go to a Panthers game.  Do I miss it? Yes, absolutely but do I hate these new ones? Absolutely no. Technically when it comes to success there are 3 California teams that can boast about Palm trees and hockey, and winning hockey none the less. I like the homage to the old logo with the sun logo in the center. Aside from that though I like the state flag patch. Its a great touch. When you think of Florida you don’t think of the Tampa, You think of Miami and the south with beaches and stuff. Don’t even know if schools teach that seal to kids in places outside of the southern region. Central Florida is all Disney, Gainesville is Gators football, and Tallahassee is the place you hope to go to collect lottery winnings and until only recently, football. They’re all random parts. South Florida is what that flag represents (ignore St. Augustine) and once the wheels on the Lightning fall off, we should be the name people think of when you say Florida hockey.

4.) Captaincy Patch

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.41.58 PM

Now i don’t know if they’re gonna do away with the “C.” If so that’ll be pretty big. But like the rest of the military theme, This kinda fits that. Its really different but I don’t hate it either. You know who else does something weird with the Captain’s C? The Red Wings. They want to be different and have it on a different side? Fine. We’re going to wear it on the sleeve like its a ranking in the military. Its more than a hockey game now. Its combat.

5.) Laces

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 2.48.26 PM

Love laces. No idea why but the concept of laces on hockey sweaters just go together. Hated that we never had laces, but honestly I don’t know if they would’ve worked well with the other ones. Enjoy the red and white ones too, when the reds are crisscrossed they kinda have a Florida flag look. Do any other teams have that? No, we’re special so embrace that.


So there you have it. New sweaters, new team, new year. I get everyone missing the old jerseys but they’re gone and probably won’t come back. I don’t know how you can read all of this and still think the new look isn’t awesome. Combine that with what Vinnie was going for with the new look and it gets my blood flowing for the next season.

“The idea when we came into Florida and took responsibility for the stewardship of the franchise, was to start anew and create traditions that were unique to this new start,” Panthers Chairman, Owner & Governor Vincent Viola said. “I think the logo harkens to the vanguard of courage; the idea that you put a shield on the hockey uniform. It’s something to protect, but you also protect it. We wanted something that began a new tradition of winning and demonstrated courage and selfless dedication to a team pursuit of victory.”

Beautiful. I honestly think now more teams should try to strive to have a shield logo. The old look was attached to memories of losing and never getting far and teams just falling so far from the goal. This new one should usher in new memories of winning.






Need to have a sit down with Mr. Viola to discuss getting rid of Victor E. Rat. Hate that motherfucker and he’s a joke to keep around. I have you in my cross hairs


Jaromir Jagr Commits To Another Year With The Panthers Plus Some Other Notes.

SUNRISE, Fla. – Florida Panthers Executive Vice President and General Manager Dale Tallon announced today that the Panthers have agreed to terms with forward Jaromir Jagr on a one-year contract. As per club policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed. “Jaromir is a Hall of Fame player and had an excellent season playing alongside Aleksander Barkov and Jonathan Huberdeau,” Tallon said. “His track record speaks for itself, ranking third all-time in points and goals. He has been a great fit with our organization and we are excited to have him back for next season.” “Jaromir has had a tremendous influence on our younger players and has been a key offensive contributor on our team,” Panthers Head Coach Gerard Gallant said. “We are happy to have him back as we look to build off this year’s playoff appearance.” The 44-year old Jagr led Florida with 66 points (27-39-66) in 79 games this season, while recording two assists in six Stanley Cup Playoff games. During the 2015-16 season, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound native of Kladno, Czech Republic passed Gordie Howe (1,850) to claim third all-time in points and passed Brett Hull (741) to claim third all-time in goals, while also becoming only the sixth player in NHL history to reach 1,100 assists, the fifth player to reach 200 postseason points and 10th player to reach 1,600 NHL games.

SUNRISE, Fla. – Florida Panthers Executive Vice President and General Manager Dale Tallon announced today that the Panthers have agreed to terms with forward Jaromir Jagr on a one-year contract. As per club policy, terms of the contract were not disclosed.
“Jaromir is a Hall of Fame player and had an excellent season playing alongside Aleksander Barkov and Jonathan Huberdeau,” Tallon said. “His track record speaks for itself, ranking third all-time in points and goals. He has been a great fit with our organization and we are excited to have him back for next season.”
“Jaromir has had a tremendous influence on our younger players and has been a key offensive contributor on our team,” Panthers Head Coach Gerard Gallant said. “We are happy to have him back as we look to build off this year’s playoff appearance.”
The 44-year old Jagr led Florida with 66 points (27-39-66) in 79 games this season, while recording two assists in six Stanley Cup Playoff games. During the 2015-16 season, the 6-foot-3, 230-pound native of Kladno, Czech Republic passed Gordie Howe (1,850) to claim third all-time in points and passed Brett Hull (741) to claim third all-time in goals, while also becoming only the sixth player in NHL history to reach 1,100 assists, the fifth player to reach 200 postseason points and 10th player to reach 1,600 NHL games.

Well Jagr fans, time to add another 68 Jagr sweater to your collections because our ageless wonder has committed another year with the Cats. There has to be some people out there who thinks this season was a disappointment with The Panthers getting bounced in the 1st round. 2012 all over again. Some people are still on the edge of their seat probably waiting for Jagr to score a post season goal which hasn’t happened since he was a Flyer and because he wasn’t a major contributor in the 6 playoff games this year ( 0 goals, 2 assist) that maybe we should look past him. Well guess what, The Czech Mullet is here to stay, and i strongly believe end his NHL career here.

A lot of discussion of what to do in the off season now and I have seen a lot of questions about the top line of Huberdeau/ Barkov/ Jagr. Barkov was never really in question but for some absurd reason i saw people saying maybe trade Huberdeau because he can bring in alot. Maybe for a guy like Malkin because Malkin is more seasoned and bring in some other pieces and saw some don’t resign Jagr because Huberdeau and Barkov alone is good enough for that line. Wrong. Im not a big stat guy mainly because i get confused as fuck how to read them and the whole corsi/Fenwick chart nonsense makes my brain hurt but what i do know is 5 on 5 by the end of the season that top line was 2nd in production in the entire NHL only behind the Kane/Anisimov/Panarin line. Does it suck that they couldn’t get get much going in the playoffs? Absolutely. But there are still 82 games to play before the playoffs and at some point that line is going to get cooking. They couldn’t get it going when they needed to in the playoff with over turned goals and what not, but solely waiting for that day when you see the smile on Jagr’s face when he nets one in the post season is worth his 4 million dollar contract alone. So for about 1.5 million dollar difference between the line Kane/Anisimov/Panarin line and our top line, its worth it to keep the guy around for similar production at a discounted price.


New Logos:


The new logo/jersey/sweaters. So far not an over whelming popular look but fuck it, I Like it. And people hating on it borderline makes me want to love it. Some people say its too boring or too much like a soccer team. I never hated the older iterations of the logo with the leaping cat, but i never fully loved them. There was so much going on with it. It was loud and brash, which some people like, but it was never a selling point for me. I like this new look. Its simple, bright, clean, has some basis of a military patch which is Vinny Violas thing hence always doing some sort of military relationship building foundation before the season starts. Its somewhat classic like the Canadiens sweater with the horizontal stripes and i always love the laces. The old logo just screamed 90’s Expansion team to me, which isn’t a bad thing, but I just like that this one is just different. Expansion teams for the most part are usually some animated Animal logo. Sharks, Ducks, Preds, Thrashers, wild. They were all some sort of fierce looking animal but id rather a more muted logo and have the players do all the talking by winning. This panther looks somewhat regal or noble and id like to think that makes all our players seem more skilled. Then again, this is just a somewhat of a leaked drawing and nothing official from Panthers front office. Back when George Richards tweeted discriptions of it, there was suppose to be teeth on it and who now with Jerseys going to addidas we really wont know till we see them but fuck it. New Year, new look, more skilled and experienced. Thats what we’re looking forward to next year.

My Playoff Eulogy:

Generated by  IJG JPEG Library

I never had time to formally post my thoughts on how the playoffs went down for the cats because I’ve been working elsewhere so im saying this now. Plz when you read this, read this in a Liev Schriber voice/ come up with better words because im not as eloquent as him in 24/7. The playoffs were a disappointment. I said from the get go that I started becoming nervous when I saw everyone picking the Panthers to win that series. Everyone loves an upset until its your team and unfortunately that is what happened for me and how ever many hundred thousand Panther fans here in south Florida.

I picked the Panthers to win in 5. It was very presumptuous of me. I said that i loved the fact that The Islanders were with out their starting goalie. Well i underestimated Greiss to the largest extent possible. The guy was a revelation. I feel like we’re getting into a trend where back ups come in towards the end and show up in the biggest way possible these past 2 playoffs. We saw it last year with Scott Darling who stepped in when Crawford needed it. This year we have Greiss of the Islanders and Matt Murray for the Penguins being an brick wall with the focus of a Buddhist monk in net. The Panthers just couldn’t get one pass Greiss when we needed it.That was by far the most unexpected factor in the series, another factor being John Tavares. I said from the jump that Tavares can single handedly carry a game on his own. I thought that was just going to be game one but it turns out i was wrong. Guy can carry his team a lot against a fresh young team like the Panthers. Then of course there was Luongo.

During the hot streak in December i knew from there on that Luongo was the MVP of the team. The players even agreed that Lu was their rock and with his numbers in the regular season that was never in question. But that was the regular season and this is the playoffs. There was always a stigma around Lu since Vancouver. Every time Boston comes around and im at the game I’ll always hear comments about Lu and Game 7 of the Stanley cup Finals in 2011. I even hear it from some Blackhawk fans when Lu was still a Canuck. I know there were lapses on defense in Game 1 and I know i can’t reasonably expect an aging Goaltender to play at his peak in Double OT. But for some reason I still have Luongo winning a gold medal for Team Canada in the Olympics and somethings tells me he can show up in biggest moment possible when the pressure is on his shoulders, but it wasn’t this year, and its a big of a question mark as “where is the G spot?” heading into the future.

I recall back to a game in the regular season where I knew if some issues were going to carry over into the playoffs that would be their demise, it would be that they couldn’t shut out this one game when they were leading 2-0 for 50 minutes and some how the team came back and beat them, that team of course being The New York Islanders. We took leads in the series as early as 2 minutes into Game 1 but from there Greiss and The Islanders as a whole adapted came out the victor. This time around in the Playoffs, as bad as it was, it was a result I was willing to accept. A lot of relationships between the 2 teams. Bill Torrey being our first GM who also built the Islanders dynasty, Their dynasty team’s Captain being our commentator, and even down to the fact that Roberto Luongo was drafted by the Islanders being told he was the future there before getting traded here for his first and memorable stint with the Cats. The Islanders took 20 years to get over the hump of being a 1st round exit, and finally they got it. Watching these two teams go at it was one of the most underrated playoff series so far, and I loved every second of it right down to the handshake, especially because from watching them go, you just know in your bones, its not going to take 20 years like the islanders for the Panthers to get over the hump.

Until next season or if i find any other Panther related thing worth blogging.



The Cats Are Back Baby! Panthers Win Back To Back Against Last Years Stanley Cup Winner And Finalist


Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.41.07 AM

We’re back baby! Not gonna lie, I was getting nervous for a second. The 12 game win streak needed to end. We were getting out played and out shot towards the tail end of the streak and just won by taking advantage of some lucky opportunities. Once Ekblad got boarded hard in Edmonton my heart sank. That was the moment the streak was gonna end. Win one more and grab a point in OT in Vancouver. Next thing you know we got shut out hard with a 0-6 loss to Calgary. Fall 1-3 to cross town rivals the Lightning while they were on the hottest streak they’ve been on all season climbing their way towards the top of the standings. Edmonton got revenge with a 4-2 win on our own home turf. Luckily with a 3 day resting period in between and a healthy Ekblad back in the line up, we were back. Just peppered Darling with shots in a 4-0 win over defending Stanley Cup champs the Chicago Blackhawks and getting Lu another shut out. Less than 24 hours later Lu strapped on the pads for a night normally meant for Monty but stepped up for a big statement game letting the Atlantic know we’re fighting off any one threatening to take our top spot in the division. We followed the game plan that made us successful, just become offensive monsters getting goals early and never letting up.

Silent 1st period against the Bolts, but the second period was just Panthers feasting time with 4 goals from Huberdeau, Bjugstad, Reilly Smith on a PP, and Vinny Trocheck. All within an 8 minute span we ripped the life out of Tampa. Ballsy move from Quenneville pulling Darling with around 8 minutes left in the 3rd just to try to get some offensive scoring going, but only to be topped by Jon Cooper pulling Bishop with more than 10 minutes left in the 3rd. Cats got a little sloppy in the 3rd giving up a goal on the penalty kill, but good for Campbell who got goals on back to back nights taking the Empty Netter against Tampa. Not gonna lie, it’s nice when Ekblad isn’t the only guy on D to score. Night ended with another win for Lu and the Panthers winning 5-2, winning back to back nights against Stanley Cup finalist with both having sold out crowds, Snap the red hot Lightning’s 7 game win streak, and pushing the gap to 5 points between 1st and 2nd place in the Atlantic. Great weekend overall for Panther Fans.

Coming up next is a game against Toronto tomorrow, which i fully expect coming up with a win, and then we have the All star game break. Now I know Jagr has been pretty against the All star game but all accounts are that he is at least traveling to Nashville to appear. Who knows how much he’ll actually play but people are all whining calling him a cry baby about it. Listen, if you’re 43 years old, playing on a top line, scoring the most goals on a team and have the 2nd most points on a team that’s eagerly pushing to win a Stanley Cup final appearance, You can do whatever the fuck you want. He can tell me he’s gonna spit on me and have sex with my mom for all I care, what ever he needs to keep winning. If you’re 43 and doing as much as him then maybe you have the right to complain but you also don’t have a cup, so really you can’t. Hopefully he plays like 1 minute of 3-on-3 and thats it. Because coming up after the break is what I’ve been waiting for, The Washington Capitals.

I don’t know why or if i’ve ever said this on here but I kinda hate the Capitals. I see A LOT of Caps fans hate on the panthers because of the attendance blah blah blah but in the end, They’ve had a superstar for 10 years now with 0 cups to show for it. Ovechkin’s a monster but still no rings on his finger. Well this year they so far have been consistently the best team in the NHL going 35-8-3 with the league most 73 points. Holtby is 30-5 so far this season. Unbelievable. Last time we played Washington we won 4-1 but it was Gubauer in net for Washington. Well come February 2nd we’re on the road facing the number 1 team, Capitals on the national stage on NBCSN. Haven’t been back to NBC since 2014 where we lost to NJ. Well this is gonna be set to what should be the two top teams in the east battling it out. I need to see Holtby in net. I need the test to see how good we’ll fare and if we do well, hopefully that’s gonna be a look into the Eastern Conference Final because I don’t see Washington missing a step and I don’t think my heart can handle the Panthers not being there this year.

Small side note- A lot of talk about the future of Pirri on this team. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Gallant scratched him for 3 straight games when the Panthers were on down slump going 0-23 on power plays. I don’t look into it much at all. We obviously have scoring going everywhere but Pirri just has to get hot and itll happen soon. Gallant did the same thing last year and then Pirri was back with 6 goals in 7 games. Towards the end he went on like a 22 point streak in like 25 games. It’ll come back. Don’t see Tallon giving up a guy like him.