Mike Matheson Knocked Devil’s Defense Man Damon Severson Off His Launch Pad To Feed Barkov The GWG in Overtime



Great win last night. Not gonna lie, 1st time of NHL it was awesome. Just Auston Matthews putting on a clinic to ease you back into the season. 2nd night, last night, however was just feistyness all over the league. Jussi getting into the digs. Rookie Shane Harper dropping the mitts. Ekblad getting a high stick to his adonis-like visage. Officiating not doing us any favors but we got the W in the end after Matheson makes his presences known game 1 of a 82+ game season by bulldozing a guy and feeding the puck to Barkov for the Game winning goal. Hockey is back and i hope to god it’s gonna be here till next summer.

Also to note, last night the Panthers honored Jose Fernandez. I still can’t believe he’s gone and his death i think will always be shocking to a lot of South Florida people but still a great classy move by the Panthers. Was only fitting that #16 gets the game winner on the night they honor another great #16

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P.s: Those sweaters are hot. Look great on ice. The brand has evolved and it’s turning into a beaut on ice.

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