Lion Mauls The Shit Out of A Zoo Keeper In A Nearly PERFECT Youtube Video

Yo my face light up for a second when I clicked play. Like became the happyest dude on the planet. Not because this dude most certainly is probably dead from a caged lion mauling the shit outta him. But for the fact that all of this is going down with the fucking Mortal Kombat theme song playing in the background. The second i heard those techno house beats go down I said to myself “This is perfection.”  If it were the case I couldn’t even blame the lion. It’s on the house DJ. I mean between a wild beast begin contained and a man who thinks he has control over a lion squaring off with him, the second that song plays they’re triggered. Alas, it had to be ruined by some shitty slowed down dance house whatever version of the song. But still picture it. The synthesizers slowly playing as this guy is squaring off with the lion like any regular zoo keeper. You here over the speakers “Test Your Might” while he’s dancing around the cage as the music begins…… MORTAL KOMBAT! **Guy proceeds to get his brain clawed out of his eyeballs** “MORTAL KOMBAT”

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