Guess What? Duct Taped And Bound By Rope Robbed Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume Is NOT Going Over Well

The Internet is not happy with Costumeish, a company currently selling a Halloween costume that looks a lot like reality star Kim Kardashian as a robbery victim.

Costumeish’s “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim” outfit seems to mock Kardashian’s recent encounter with armed robbers in Paris last week, where she was bound, gagged, and had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen, according to a previous report.

“This Halloween it’s all about the #Hallomeme and who better than America’s goddess of all things glamorous ‘Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume?’” reads the costume’s description. “She has devoted her life to promoting American decadence, youth, and hedonism, but all that flashy living caught up with her one night in Paris when armed men bound her, stole her jewelry and her peace of mind. This Halloween have some fun with pop culture and dress just like the Queen of Social media.”

The costume kit includes a short white robe, a long black wig, large sunglasses, a fake gag, two inches of rope, and a fake “$4 million ring,” which is the same price of the engagement ring robbers stole from Kardashian. Although her name is never mentioned in the costume’s description, many people on social media have drawn their own conclusions:

Despite the backlash, a company spokesperson told Fox News that it has “no intentions of taking it down and it has been selling well.”
“Our deepest sympathy to the family and nobody deserves to go [through] what she did. We are not mocking her, however Halloween reflects pop culture and celebrities are no different,” the spokesperson told Fox.

Love it. It’s not turning a traumatizing event in which a very famous celebrity was bound and gagged and robbed of millions in priceless jewels into a mockery, It’s a celebration of famous socialites getting robbed at gun point. It’s an indictment that you’re a pop media icon and any aspect of your life should be highlighted on an overly commercialized holiday. It’s like an honor really. Yea you might be traumatized from the thought of a Parisian burglar point a gun at your face as you’re hopelessly tied up, but It’s not this companies fault that every chick wants to be you for Halloween as they get wasted taking jello shots trying to hook up.

Also Love how they just don’t flat out say it’s Kim Kardashian and just name every attribute a person would use to describe Kim K. It’s like when rap feuds happen and they don’t say the name of the person they’re dissing but once half the world hears it they just know who they’re talking about i.e the Pusha T/ Drake/Lil Wayne/ YMCMB/ Exodus 23:1. As long as they don’t say the name, if you get offended then that means you’re the one that’s making assumption as to who fits the profile but it’s still not their fault. This can be any number of celebrities that have 4 million dollar rings and that have been recently been in the spotlight as a grand larceny victim. Shame on all you people just assuming its Mrs. West.

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