Hey Ed, Have You Ever Enjoyed Staring At A Big Fat Penis Before? The Answer Is Yes.

Kate Beckinsale, man. Listen I’m with the times. I like the girls with big asses in high wasted jeans. Give me all the smokes out on Instagram shaking it letting their freak flag fly. I love em all. I’d even get down with a nerdy looking girl, what ever, I like all sorts of women. But when I see Kate Beckinsale, shes not just hot, she’s Beautiful. She’s a woman. Class, sex appeal, style all rolled up in a British body that doesn’t seem to age. When I see her, I believe in religion because there’s no way someone as beautiful as her was spawned from a fish or monkey. She has to be a work from god. The ancient Greeks would think Aphrodite was an ugly street urchin compared to Beckinsale. So is it a little gay my immature, probably not fully developed brain, would make out with Kate Beckinsale dressed as a thick veiny cock? No. It’s just me picturing what it would be like to experience a Goddess.

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