Dolphins Pick Up Arian Foster For 1 year 1.5 Million


Looks like we swapped Miller for Foster pretty much. Sucks because we would like to see Lamar with this new Adam Gase offense thats suppose to be what’s hot in the streets. But overall not a bad deal though. Sure the guy might be wheeled in by wheel chair but for the sake of hope, lets say he’s healthy. Since Lamar Miller left, we all pretty much knew that  Jay Ajayi would be starting RB. This is just a nice small pick up for 1.5 mill. Worst case scenario, he doesn’t even make the cut Week 1 and we only lose $400K (i didn’t check that source). Now if Foster has his body healthy, who knows, we get an extra pair of legs in the back field and some veteran experience on a young offense and some depth in case of injuries. Its low risk high reward. Namaste Bitches.


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