Ugly Wins For The Dolphins But A Wins A Win


Two of the hottest teams in the preseason go head to head went to the 4-7 bowl and only 1 team prevailed and thats the Fins baby! Ugly win but people aren’t going to remember how the team won, they just remember the record in the end of the season and as of right now thats 5-7. At this point im pretty sure Stephen Ross is laying all his eggs on the fact that we have the big 50th season game against the Giants where we go throw back uni’s and as long as we win that game, to Ross, it was a season win to his ass. Well if thats the case, maybe carry some momentum from this weeks win with a longer week to plan for playing Monday night against the Gmen and hopefully win. But thats next week.

This week was honestly a brutal one to watch. The Dolphins scoring plays all came withing 20 seconds and from there on it was sitting on our butts for a whole entire half of football waiting for the Ravens to play catch up. Score less first quarter and only 9 1’st downs for the fins and then Rashad Jones picking off Matt Schaub, which was bound to happen, then a 38 yard TD pass from Tannehill to Parker. Things were looking great, making plays on offense, then making plays on defense with a Derrick Shelby turning a blocked pass into an interception running it in 22 yards for a TD with Matt Schaub looking gassed running after him past 5 yards. A nice 2 point conversion running the ball in by Ajayi and from there it was a waiting game till the clock ticked down to 0. Was waiting for worse to happen especially with Lamar Miller fumbling the ball in Miami territory but lady luck was on our side when Justin Tucker went wide right on a missed FG opportunity.

On paper, through the eye balls, on screen the dolphins played awful but not awful enough to lose the game. Hopefully some of that had to do with Zac Taylor taking the place of Bill Lazar after he got canned earlier this week but the narrative now is that The Dolphins win when were we can someone so I don’t actually think there’s any truth to that obviously, but good on Taylor making the decision to run the ball more. Seriously week 12 we were 9 carries for 12 yards. This week, 26 carries for 94 yards. Big step up considering how bad this season has been but for now, 5-7 and everyone waiting to break these bad boys out for Monday.



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