Im Slightly Ashamed Of Our President From This Clip Of Running Wild

I know that Bear grylls has had internet outrage for being fake and all and its a god damn show but If I see Bear Grylls cut up a dead seal and wear it for warmth, then i dont care if off camera he sleeps in a hotel. One man can only last so long filming a survival show drinking his piss and eating weird meats. I mean we’ve seen him kill animals for the sake of survival. I mean he teamed up with Drew Brees like last week to kill a god damn alligator or crocodile. Well I want Obama to do the same. Eating a supposedly half eaten piece of salmon is amateur hour type of survival. I need to see Obama spill blood. Make it known that Obama doesn’t fuck around with life or politics. Now granted I haven’t seen the full episode but the expectation is on regardless. We see all these thing about Putin lifting weights, hunting, and bullying people in hockey. Well I want obama to skin a deer, run 40 yard dashes and dunking on 4th graders. Yea his term ends soon, but thats even more of an incentive, go out on top.

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