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I Am Insulted By Andrew Zimmern’s Take On Frozen Hot Chocolate For The Super Bowl

As The Ugly Orange’s Film guy, let me tell you about a little romantic comedy called Serendipity.

On a magical night when they are in in their 20s, Jonathan (John Cusack) meets Sara (Kate Beckinsale). He finds it love at first sight, but Sara believes in destiny. After 10 years the two — with 3,000 miles between them — must decide if fate wants them to be together again. When love feels like magic, it is called destiny; when destiny has a sense of humor, it is serendipity.

Now a huge part of that movie takes place at none other than Serendipity 3 in Manhatten. People talk about the magic of New York as if it’s not a shell of itself from the 80’s. Neighborhoods are safer, there’s bars on every corner that fits every ones needs financially and atmosphere wise, even the rich and snooty don’t seem as rich and snooty when there are start up companies around every corner with their apps making millions in a pinch. I can’t even find a hooker on the streets anymore.  But something about Serendipity 3 still takes me into a different place, a different kind of New York that feels like from a different time. Maybe cause the interior is so absurd and the line to wait is always over an hour, but i know for a fact some of it has to be the magical chemistry of the John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale in Serendipity. I’ve been a few times now with friends and family and something so New York about being not dressed like a slob, going into this relatively pretentious place and sharing a frozen drink in the middle of winter.  The idea of sitting across the table from Kate Beckinsale sharing Serendipity’s signature drink the frozen hot chocolate.Now imagine you bring a beautiful girl like Kate Beckinsale to any event what so ever, and decide to get a frozen and expect it to look like this.and then you end up with this trash like this.I mean what is that? How is that a “Creamy Frozen Hot Chocolate” I mean that looks like chocolate ice cream with I guess white chocolate balls, which i also thought were chickpeas to begin with. How the fuck is my girl suppose to get a billion likes on her instagram pic when it looks like basic ass bowl of chocolate ice cream? How the fuck do we share that together with a straw and look like a cute couple? What the fuck business does Andrew Zimmern have to recreate a pop culture classic frozen beverage? And seeing as Andrew Zimmern lives in Minnesota, do Minnesotans just like eating ice cream in the dead cold of winter like psychopaths?


I Need Taco Bell’s Quesalupa Immediately

Taco Bell is taking its Chalupas and morphing them with a cheesy concept that’s scheduled to make a national debut after Super Bowl weekend.

The Mexican-ish fast food restaurant is rolling out a new “Quesalupa,” a monstrosity that is part Chalupa and part quesadilla. This beast is highlighted by a pepper jack cheese-stuffed shell, with ground beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese and diced tomato.

In 2015, Taco Bell tested this thing out in Toledo, Ohio, and it must have been a hit because the new item is releasing nationwide after its 30-second Super Bowl AD spot February 7.

Taco Bell keeps coming hard with these mashups as we’ve seen with their Doritos Locos Tacos, Waffle Tacos and even a Cap’n Crunch delights.
Read more at http://www.foodbeast.com/news/quesalupa-release/#0OIA6DyEb30JdDVL.99

Damn. When I saw the headline i literally let out an “oh fuck.” Literally nipples hard at the thought of getting Taco Bell. Probably my two favorite things at that fine restaurant establishment. The Chalupa is hands down the best thing on the menu. Simple but wild at the same time. all the same great things in a taco, except the taco shell is like biting into a wild texture crunchy soft fried shell thing. Amazing. Next best thing: The Quesadilla. Again, simple. Cheese and chicken, boom. Fold and heat, can rip apart and is tasty and can hold you over. Combine the two together and it makes me laugh at the real Mexican’s eating their basic ass tacos when they could be eating a quesalupa. Can’t wait for the Superbowl to come. Yea I’m gonna wake up early with excitement like a child on Christmas morning and while every has to scramble to make something to bring to a watch party and buy beers, i hope the drive through lines at TB are clear and i might order a hundred of Quesalupas.

Apparently The Hottest eGame Tournament Ended In Tragic Fashion As Froggan Teleported To His Death Twice



Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.04.47 AM

The Champ/The Face That Haunts Froggan

Poor Froggan. Falling for the same teleportation trick twice in a row in what is probably the biggest video game tournament in his life. Guy probably can’t sleep at night because he’s perpetually haunted by by Doublelift’s face. He had good sportsmanship the 1st time around, I’ll give him that. He was just shocked by the play when he threw that snowball and ended up being obliterated. The crowd was shocked, he was shocked, even Doublelift was shocked. I mean the timing on the spells had to be perfect for that to happen. Amazing. You’d think he learn from the same mistake thought right? Wrong. If its Seahawks Patriots superbowl again this year and Seattle throws a fatal pick when they should’ve ran the ball right at the end and end up shooting themselves in the foot, thats what he had here. Just making the same old mistakes. Can’t blame Doublelift for that. You chose the snowball, now deal with the consequence of being the loser.

P.s- I had no idea how any of this works but its exciting to watch nerds dominate and die in horrible fashion. I don’t know if i can go to any of these type events because I’m afraid i wont fit in and look like a n00b. But if anyone wants an actual understanding of what happened i guess this guy had the answer. Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 10.06.07 AM