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Jet Li Has Been Suffering From Hyperthyroidism And Its Got Him Down BAAAAAAAADDD

This is DEVASTATING. I feel awful. I try to keep tabs on everyone in the world and I somehow let Jet Li slip by me. It was a huge shock to the system to see what has happened to him. I mean I will say, this one side by side is EXTREMELY jarring, but the other ones don’t look that bad where he looks like an 80 year old man which is a good thing. But no matter what he says about him being fine, I just know he’s not. We’ve seen him with a shaved head before that’s no big deal. Its a big deal though when it looks like you’ve stepped into a time machine and come out looking like a grandpa who’s about to break a hip and also an entirely different Chinese person. I mean kudos maybe to the guy who got the pic with him cause I don’t even think I could recognize him. Its at the point where he needs a transition photo. Like side by side just wont convince me, i needed more photos in totally different angles before i could actually believe that this frail old man my eyes were seeing was actually Gabrial Yulaw who made everyone in the prison colony universe his bitch in the movie The One. Shocking.

And how come no one else is talking about this? I mean I know he’s not main stream anymore but Guy has had a decent career in American cinema. Jackie Chan will always be my number 1, but Jet Li was fucking the truth. The two of them both bridged the gap between Chinese people and Black people all around and that was SUPER important for me growing up in South Florida where there is, in fact, a decent population of African Americans. All of which can kick my ass. But that didnt happen. Rush Hour probably saved me in middle school. But then came along Jet Li and Romeo Must Die. Oh boy was that special sure it was one thing for a Chinese and black cop to get along. A whole nother thing when we got Jet Li on the dance floor with a super sexy chick. And not just any ordinary hot chick but Aaliyah (Rest in Peace).

Yea he looks nervous as fuck dancing with her but that don’t matter. Its still a win in my books. In my fake imaginary world I pictured the two of them dating in real life and then it wouldn’t be so awkward when i try to ask a black chick out because there’s precedent in Hollywood.

Looking back at all this, I hope to god Jet li comes back in the world. Suppose to be playing a role in the live action Mulan which if we’re going for a very wise old Chinese master, he’s got that look going on and i know he’s still got the moves, but god damn I do hope that Jet Li gets better soon.

Nothing Sends Blood To My Dick Faster Than A New Jackie Chan Movie


Please ignore the fact that as you’re reading this, my dick is rock hard. Yea I know it’s weird but get over it because the second you watch that trailer your dick is gonna be hard too and now we’re just a bunch of guys and girls with hard dicks in our pants. Strange, yes, but true. Nothing gets my blood rushing like a good Jackie Chan trailer. Guy’s the epitome of action star at it’s purest form doing his own stunts and kicking people’s ass left and right. This is like some Taken, Jason Borne, meets every Jackie Chan movie ever type of shit. I knew Jackie was leaning away from his more martial arts type rolls, but we knew he cant leave that shit behind entirely. Hand to hand combat is his drug habit. I don’t care if he decides to make some political drama thriller, it’s gonna involve kicking some dude into a broom closet and taking some average inanimate object and using it turn some dude into a spinning top and kicks their ass with it. Honestly I don’t even really know what exactly is going on, is he turning into the bad dude? Like victim turned evil? What’s Pierce Brosnan deal in it? No one knows exactly unless you’re a nerd who read the book its suppose to be based off of i guess. But either way Thank god this movie isn’t tooo far away. Just enough time to let the swelling go down and enough time to ponder what exactly is going on.


P.s- This part I let out a big smile knowing it’s a Classic JC movie turned into a big action fighting moment. Fucking Chan leaping down from the clouds like a tiger.

Jackie Chan And Kobe Bryant Would Be The Best Interracial Power Friends The Planet Has Ever Seen

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Thank you Jackie for a great dinner in Beijing!

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Everyone knows by now that greatness recognize greatness. It doesn’t matter your skin color or nationality or career. When you’re at the top world you look down on everyone all the same. Just two rich guys having dinner talking about how great it is to be rich and legends in their craft. Kinda crazy too since these are relatively contemporaries. Both broke out to mainstream success in the mid 90’s and dominated their craft. Arguably the only black guy Chinese people know since he always comes over and it so dominant and probably the only Asian most American’s know because Rush Hour 1 and 2 are cultural bridges between two American minorities. Such a power team.

This New Rush Hour TV Series Is An Insult To The Greatest Action Fighter Movie Star Ever



I want to take a pitch fork with a flaming bundle of hay on it right to CBS right now. This is one of the biggest travesties to hit the television circuit ever. Jackie Chan is probably the greatest action star ever. He’s not replaceable. Now in saying that you would almost immediately go for the next best thing. Instead I think CBS got the worst possible replacement for Inspector Lee. I mean is that guy even Chinese??? Seriously if you scrolled through the photo real quick you would think its a short black/mexican duo. Doesn’t have the talent, charisma, or even the chineseness of Chan. And you’d think that would be the 1st thing they looked for. Its not Chan’s character either. That black dude to play Carter stinks. He’s the gay black dude in 21 Jump Street. He aint got what it takes either. Carter had style and taste and was funny as fuck. This guy whenever i see his face on screen i just picture him saying “You punch me cause im Gay?!.” thats it. I hope this never makes it past the 1st episode.

It sucks to say that a project linked to one of the greatest cop duo movies of all times stinks and doesn’t deserve to make it to the credits but the faster people forget about it the better it is for the good of humanity. Seriously. When Rush Hour came out it was like a sacred bond between black dudes and Chinese people. All the black kids in school were cool with all the Asians (me because i was the only one). It married black peoples love of kung fu films into a great movie franchise and probably one of the reasons black kids leave asian kids alone, relatively speaking, in high school. We can’t have that unspoken treaty ruined with this awful television show. Its an abortion and must not see the light of day.

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