Nothing Sends Blood To My Dick Faster Than A New Jackie Chan Movie


Please ignore the fact that as you’re reading this, my dick is rock hard. Yea I know it’s weird but get over it because the second you watch that trailer your dick is gonna be hard too and now we’re just a bunch of guys and girls with hard dicks in our pants. Strange, yes, but true. Nothing gets my blood rushing like a good Jackie Chan trailer. Guy’s the epitome of action star at it’s purest form doing his own stunts and kicking people’s ass left and right. This is like some Taken, Jason Borne, meets every Jackie Chan movie ever type of shit. I knew Jackie was leaning away from his more martial arts type rolls, but we knew he cant leave that shit behind entirely. Hand to hand combat is his drug habit. I don’t care if he decides to make some political drama thriller, it’s gonna involve kicking some dude into a broom closet and taking some average inanimate object and using it turn some dude into a spinning top and kicks their ass with it. Honestly I don’t even really know what exactly is going on, is he turning into the bad dude? Like victim turned evil? What’s Pierce Brosnan deal in it? No one knows exactly unless you’re a nerd who read the book its suppose to be based off of i guess. But either way Thank god this movie isn’t tooo far away. Just enough time to let the swelling go down and enough time to ponder what exactly is going on.


P.s- This part I let out a big smile knowing it’s a Classic JC movie turned into a big action fighting moment. Fucking Chan leaping down from the clouds like a tiger.

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