This New Rush Hour TV Series Is An Insult To The Greatest Action Fighter Movie Star Ever



I want to take a pitch fork with a flaming bundle of hay on it right to CBS right now. This is one of the biggest travesties to hit the television circuit ever. Jackie Chan is probably the greatest action star ever. He’s not replaceable. Now in saying that you would almost immediately go for the next best thing. Instead I think CBS got the worst possible replacement for Inspector Lee. I mean is that guy even Chinese??? Seriously if you scrolled through the photo real quick you would think its a short black/mexican duo. Doesn’t have the talent, charisma, or even the chineseness of Chan. And you’d think that would be the 1st thing they looked for. Its not Chan’s character either. That black dude to play Carter stinks. He’s the gay black dude in 21 Jump Street. He aint got what it takes either. Carter had style and taste and was funny as fuck. This guy whenever i see his face on screen i just picture him saying “You punch me cause im Gay?!.” thats it. I hope this never makes it past the 1st episode.

It sucks to say that a project linked to one of the greatest cop duo movies of all times stinks and doesn’t deserve to make it to the credits but the faster people forget about it the better it is for the good of humanity. Seriously. When Rush Hour came out it was like a sacred bond between black dudes and Chinese people. All the black kids in school were cool with all the Asians (me because i was the only one). It married black peoples love of kung fu films into a great movie franchise and probably one of the reasons black kids leave asian kids alone, relatively speaking, in high school. We can’t have that unspoken treaty ruined with this awful television show. Its an abortion and must not see the light of day.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.30.15 PM

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