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Jagr Comes Away With A Masterton Trophy, Barkov And Gallant Were Second Place For Lady Byng And Jack Adams.


Atta boy Jags. If I’m gonna be completely honest I didn’t think Jagr was gonna win it. I had Pascal Dupuis winning it. The Masterton has usually been given to people who had to have a big career come back from performance or health issues. Last year Dubnyk was a journey men who finally came out looking like a steel cage in net. Before that was Dominic Moore who came back after an 18 month hiatus cause his wife passed away. These are guys that you wouldn’t expect to be a major player after some life event. But then again one of the things that affects us all seems to have little effect on Jagr and that’s aging. We don’t have to go through the list because you know all the facts. He’s old and better than half the league and for that, he definitely deserves the Masterton. Gonna be kinda weird though when he gets nominated for it again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that because Father Time was undefeated until he met Jagr.

Other Noteworthy Votes


Ballots show that Barkov was 6th in votes for a Selkie. He’s coming close, like really close to winning a Selkie. He came second in for the Lady Byng ultimately losing out to Kopitar but soon enough Barkov is gonna have this Kopitar-esque season and come home with the Selkie and Byng trophy and if we’re luck enough a cup. If he played in an O6 team he would be a Canadian house hold name but because our market isn’t the most conventional, we’re just gonna have to contend with the fact that we have one of the most underrated centers in the game and I’m okay with that.


Also with some votes for Norris was our boys Ekblad and Brian Campbell. With all the talk about his free agency its a little hard to appreciate him in the moment, will he resign or not no one can really say but him and his wife but i appreciate his time while he’s here. Maybe if we get the deal with Yandle done we wont need him or maybe that and the salary cap jump can persuade him to stay in a place that’s close to winning a cup. Not to mention Florida has no state income tax so theres always that, Brian. Oh and as for Ekblad, he’s gonna win a Norris one day too. Im not asking him to be Bobby Orr and rattle off 8 consecutive Norris Trophies after his second year, but in the future people are going to be asking their young defencemen to be like Ekblad and have great hair and put up a shutdown defense performance from 19 year olds that look like their 30….oh and win a couple Norris trophys because he will finish his career with one.

Aside from that Gerard Gallant came in second to Barry Trotz for the Jack Adams. Can’t argue against Trotz much. Guy is loved by players and commanded the best team in the regular season. If the Caps didnt win the presidents trophy though, I think they all would’ve given it to Gallant. Guy took a team that was on the bottom two years ago to Atlantic Division Champs. Sure some teams in the east were bad, but you’d be a fool to not think Florida was good and Gallant was a big part in that.

Oh and we got a little sneak peak at the new jerseys in action via video game form. Guess what, I can tell he’s not a Soccer Player!ClmD9emUsAAxn1H

Cats Got 4 Players Heading To The NHL All Star Game

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.10.25 PM

Head Coach of the Atlantic Division- Gerard Gallant/The Best Michael Chiklis look alike.

Second year back with the cats and serious contender for the Jack Adams award, shit last year i think he should’ve gotten it bringing the Panthers to the most improved team in the league and probably will claim that title again this year considering they’re the hottest team in the league right now. Maybe once he coaches all the rest of the peons in the Atlantic the rest of the league will realize he deserves the Jack Adams


Captain of the Atlantic Division- Jaromir Jagr/Legend

Who’s your daddy? This man. Seriously. He could’ve fathered half the roster. The Atlantic and league should be honored to have him as captain and by that, they should all just move away and let him score goals/chill out on the bench because he’s 43, one of the best players on The Panthers, Need him to always be healthy come playoff time.


Defense men- Aaron Ekblad/Calder Winner/Male Model

Oh no big deal two Norris winners and a third one coming on the way. Being under Bobby Orr’s camp and life long follower of Niklas Lidstrom. I know you cant pre-win awards but Im pretty sure Ekblad is gonna win at least 7 Norris Trophies in his career. Not to mention the looks. I mean Pk has style and Karlsson has flow, Ekblad? he’s got both. Seriously Ekblad deserves a Slashie for best NHL Defenseman/ Male Model…and not the other way around.


Goaltender- Roberto Luongo

As far as non back up goalies goes in the east its Holtby, Luongo, and Bishop for the best GAA. Holtby being in the Metro leaves the Atlantic with Lu and Bishop. Lu obviously served as goalie last year as well in the NHL All star along with Ekblad. Hopefully Bishop plays more cause in the end the ASG is just for fun, for the fans and shouldn’t be taken too seriously and i can’t get the memory of Lu and Montoya both going down in the same game and pretty much severed our chance of going to the Playoffs last year. Preserve the health and Lu can give you a chance to win every night. Just need Holtby to become a sieve at some point and the Vezina can finally go to Lu.

ATTN Ladies: Aaron Ekblad Should Be Your Dream Man (But Stay Off, On The Off Chance Him And I Turn Gay And We Could Have A Chance For Each Other)

2015 NHL Awards - Nominee Media Availability


So today I guess Ekblad took a trip to NHL studios and they set him up with a little periscope Q+A. Now normally I would skip these over, but not when it comes to my guy Aaron Ekblad. Now I had been under the assumption all along he was still with Claude Lemieux’s daughter, Claudia. Well I tuned in and boy did my ears perk up when he said he didn’t have a girlfriend. My mans on the open market! Mind went racing. Maybe I’ll hit up downtown Ft. Laudy more? Guy with that good looks has to be hitting up the town right? I can see him and Smith cruising Las Olas looking for tail. But that sounds so superficial. Yea obviously he’s a good looking dude. Guy has swedish blood in him, he was genetically predetermined to look like a model. But guess what? Ekblad is a genius too. I mean did you hear him slip it in a half way through that he was taking courses at Harvard(Yea he didn’t finish any but the fact that he’s trying is like probably the equivalent of getting a Masters at FSU)? Get out of here, Dominic Moore. You aint the only Harvard Alum in the NHL. My boy Aaron Ekblad is a learned man of higher education. So lets break it down: Professional Ice Hockey Defense Man in the NHL, who lives in a condo in Fort Lauderdale (i think) who makes millions, dabbles as a male model for John Varvatos, makes millions, is single, studies at the prestigious Ivy League Harvard University, is of swedish heritage and only NINETEEN years old. My god if i was a woman. I would just whore it out at BB&T with a giant billboard sign off I-75 asking Aaron to please come take me. Might even do it as a guy.

P.s- He could also play baseball at a professional level im pretty sure. Pretty sure that ground ball would’ve slipped Jeter’s glove and I’m pretty sure he hit that second one busted through the studio. Without cleats too.

Double P.S- According to George Richards, we got some details into the new jersey. Link to it here but let me give you the gist. Lot less blue, more red, and deeper gold with maybe a head logo of the Panthers. Gonna have a look similar to the Habs. I’m curious. Gonna be the biggest change since the franchise started and some players apparently think its cool so I’m on board. Kinda thinking with the red and gold it’ll look like the Iron man suit but if it pops on the ice then it pops.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.07.05 PM

Ekblad Sniping Targets In Military Camo Gets Me Going…..

When Xerxes offered to spare the lives of Leonidas, his 300 personal bodyguards and a handful of Thebans and others who volunteered to defend their country, if they would lay down their arms, Leonidas shouted these two words back. Molon Labe!

When Xerxes offered to spare the lives of Leonidas, his 300 personal bodyguards and a handful of Thebans and others who volunteered to defend their country, if they would lay down their arms, Leonidas shouted these two words back.
Molon Labe!

I don’t know why i have a full blown infatuation with the guy but as I view his life vicariously through the glimpses of interviews, games, and social media i think i know now why that is. At first i thought it was a sexual thing. Like Holy shit, ed, you’ve been masturbating to women all these years and out of no where this kid from Ontario is making you go gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you’re 25 soon so you better figure out whats the deal. But that wasn’t it at all. Guy might be one of the youngest guys on the roster but he was born to lead and im almost sure that’s what draws me to him. Just a stern leader who leaves it all on the ice. the number 5 jersey from Lidstrom, also that being his favorite player, the Camo Panthers gear with Leonidas quotes. Picking out targets 100 ft away whether its with cold sniper bullet or a puck as he rips through an offense in the neutral zone. Guys just born to lead and inspire. Thats why im drawn to him. It has nothing to do with his Grizzled manly beard and jaw line or his cool head of hair. Or his probably large dick size that i think about from time to time…….

Come and Get Them indeed

Come and Get Them indeed