Biting Into Batteries? Not Smart!

Source- Chew on this: A man in China decides he needs to verify if a smartphone battery is legit ― so he bites it?!?!?
It’s a decision that literally blew up in his face, as the now-viral video above demonstrates.
Security camera footage captured Jan. 19 at a store in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, shows the unidentified man biting into the iPhone battery, presumedly to check its authenticity.
The move quickly proves to be a mistake, as the battery explodes. Amazingly, the man wasn’t seriously hurt in the blast.
Since then, the wisdom in chomping down on a toxic lithium-ion battery has been the subject of some debate.
Taiwan News noted that it’s common for people in China to test the authenticity of gold by biting it, which led Apple Insider to speculate the man somehow thought he could test the authenticity of the battery using the same technique.
Gizmodo rightfully noted that iPhone batteries don’t have much gold in them, but they do contain a lot of toxic items that no one should ingest.
On the rare occasions when a phone explodes, it’s often because the “positive” and “negative” battery plates have become joined, such as if the battery was pierced by a metal object, according to
The website points out that lithium-ion batteries, though considered very safe, can explode if they’re overcharged.
It’s a problem associated with knockoff battery chargers and other dubious third-party accessories that are rampant in China, which may have explained why the man was biting the battery in the first place.

Pal. Buddy. What is you doing? its 2018, not 1500 where you need to check your gold doubloons when bartering at the market? Not to mention, Batteries aren’t made of gold. They’re in fact made of shit that’s toxic as fuck and can melt shit. Like not for nothing but Asians get the rap of being nerd smart but look at these common folks, biting down on lithium-ion batteries like they’re Olympic gold medals. I don’t know kinda makes me feel better about my self knowing im above smart enough to not go molar to battery, but also not a math nerd. I’m in a nice medium blogging about the people above and below me. Now If i had to guess, maybe this guy got a bunk ass filling and conducted with the battery. That’s me thinking kinda fake smart coming up with theories. But that also gives me another idea.

Fucking cyanide capsules. It’s perfect timing that I saw this because I also just re-watched Skyfall. Fucking Raoul Silva biting into a cyanide capsule and it didnt kill him. Just burned his insides. Do you know what Hydrogen cyanide does to you?

Skyfall (2012)

It turns you into an ugly motherfucker. Do you think secret spy agents want to work knowing that if they get captured, they might have to kill them selves, only to find out their suicide method isn’t 100% fail proof and might end up looking like the Goonies monster, and still remained captured, and then laughed at for being a captured spy that now looks like Sloth? Fuck no. So maybe switch out the cyanide capsule and replace it with something that’s instant death. A little battery that explodes your entire head off. Don’t give the enemy the satisfaction of making fun of your goofy face because of a bad cyanide capsule. Now granted these chinese fellows didn’t die, but work out a few kinks, bury that battery deep in the molars and next thing you know when the russians apprehend Ethan Hunt, he can just blow his head off.

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