After A Strong Crime Spree Of 20 Years, Yasushi Kobayashi Has Been Arrested For Stealing Over 1000 Pairs Of Women’s Underwear.

Police in Tokyo said Tuesday have arrested a 61-year-old deliveryman on suspicion of stealing women’s underwear and said they had found more than 1,000 items of women’s lingerie and clothing at his home.
According to police, the suspect, Yasushi Kobayashi, who works for a printing company in Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture, has admitted to the charge and said he had been stealing women’s underwear and stockings for the past 20 years because he liked to wear them ever since he was young, Fuji TV reported.
Kobayashi was arrested for stealing nine items that had been hung out to dry at a costume rental shop in Higashi-nippori in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward on April 17. When police searched his home, they found more than 1,000 items of women’s underwear and clothing
Police quoted Kobayashi as saying that while he was making deliveries in his truck, he would often steal lingerie that been hung out to dry on balconies or from washing machines in coin laundries.
Police said Kobayashi was identified by street surveillance camera footage which showed hin getting back into his truck after having stolen the items in April.


I feel like everyone in one time in their life has a little panty raid story. Nothing when you’re past the age of 13 but I’m pretty sure everyone has had a time where they snuck in to their friend’s sister room and taken their panties. Well this guy probably did that and that moment on his inner perverted criminal mind was hatched. I know it’s not like they figured out who Jack the Ripper was or caught the next Jeffery Dahmer, but the fact of the matter stands. They took down a criminal with 20 years of thieving experience. I get it, it’s not like they took him down in the act with a crazy sting operation involving him pocketing used women’s underwear. But still you know how weird the Japanese can get with sex fetish stuff so all things considered It’s kind of like they took down the Zodiac killer in the criminal world of used Women’s underwear. I mean if you think this guy is a casual perverted thief who occasionally gets offs wearing lace, you’re wrong. There’s no doubt in my mind this guy has made a shrine of his crimes and capers of all the thongs he’s stolen and has documented his feeling of wearing said used woman’s underwear. Guy must’ve been at the end of his ropes too. 61, old as shit, doesn’t know if he can make it any longer so he just snatches an unheard of NINE used panties hanging out to dry. Poor sick fuck know he was gonna get caught doing that probably. No sympathy from me, but a small part does wonder had he not been caught where the number would end up in the end. Probably enough underwear to restock a Goodwill store for years to come.

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