Comedian/Actor Faizon Love From The Replacements Ragdolls The Shit Out Of This Dude At An Airport

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Actor and comedian Faizon Love is accused of assaulting a man at John Glenn Columbus International Airport Tuesday afternoon, according to court documents filed with Franklin County Municipal Court.
Love and a man were in a verbal argument when Love grabbed the man by his neck and threw him on the ground and into a desk according to court documents.
The documents show the man says he was cut above his eye.
The incident happened near the valet booth in baggage claim.
Court records show Love was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.
The records do not show what the argument was about.

I want to give props to the guy who got tossed around by a guy 3 times his size and lived to tell about it but I also don’t want to reward dumb behavior such as mouthing off to Faizon Love. I don’t know what the dispute was about so I’m not gonna say whether or not it was justifiable as men to get into a physical altercation.  I mean an airport has to be one of the most high stressed situation in the world with baggage issues and the longest waiting game between boarding, flying, waiting to leave the airport. I can get you don’t want to be disrespected by some passenger even if he is in movies and is some what well known, but the second Faizon Love steps up right in your grill mix you should be smart enough to not poke the bear. I mean have you seen how fast this guy escalates situations?

Best case scenario this guy gets a cut around his eye and gets tossed around a little where the worst case scenario is a Glock 9mm being fired off into your windshield.  But you know who did play this scenario right? This old ass security guard looking airport worker.

Literally rushed to the scene just so he can get a good view of his fellow co worker getting the shit kicked out of him by a grizzly bear of a man. Hands in pocket, probably whispering commentary to the guy next to him. Staying clear of injury. Smart play by him.

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