Lady Drives From Upstate New York To Arkansas To Dump A Body In A Suitcase For What Seems To Be No Apparent Reason

DailyMail- Police in two states say they are trying to figure out why a woman hauled an elderly man’s body in a suitcase more than 1,000 miles from upstate New York to Arkansas and then dumped it in a rice field.
Virginia Colvin, 56, faces a preliminary charge of abuse of a corpse.
Investigators say they are still seeking a motive.
Police say the body found Sunday at a farm 50 miles northeast of Little Rock appears to be that of a man who died in Johnstown, New York.
The body has been sent to an Arkansas crime lab to be identified and to pinpoint how he died.
‘At this point in time, we believe that he died of natural causes,’ Johnstown Police Lt. Dave Gilbo told News 10 ABC in Albany, New York.
‘We just can’t determine why the body was transported from here to Arkansas.’

This might make me a terrible criminal and a bad person to hire to dump a body but part of me thinks this would work. Like sure they could of stuffed the body in a black of cement and tossed it in a lake or dismember the dude and have him found in 6 different zip codes or what ever the old saying is in mob movies but I kinda like Virginia’s plan that I call the old Western/Southern method, the only problem is she didn’t follow through with it. See I feel like in desert type places and bum fuck no where lands in Arkansas or Texas or the Dakotas you can get away with getting rid of a body if you just buried it. Not like just dig a whole and dump a corpse and pray no one finds it. But literally bury the body, cover it up, and throw a tomb stone on it or fashion a cross and lay some flowers over it. Virginia fucked up by just tossing a suitcase on the side of the road with buzzards probably trying to pick the locks for food. Once Police stumble upon that it becomes a whole big thing of a crime scene. But I feel like if cops or any one from the sticks drives by and sees a wooden cross and a proper burial I think they would just take off their hats and say “Welp, that must be where old Boo Radley got buried” and continue on with their day. Gotta respect the dead that’s buried. Their first thought isn’t gonna be “O shit that’s a dead body, we gotta call the cops” if they don’t see one.  You might not be able to get away with this shit in places where people mosey around all the time but in some southern bible country, you definitely can.

But yea transporting a dead body for no apparent reason is weird and super gross smelling probably.

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