The Panthers Fired Head Coach Gerard Gallant After Tonight’s 3-2 Lose to Carolina

Shocking. No one saw this one coming besides everyone in the front office apparently. It doesn’t seem that crazy in perspective considering the record this season so far after coming off of a division title last season compared to whats happened this season. There are a litany of injuries that you could chalk up as the reason for the current record (11-10-1).  As of now, Tom Rowe, the guy who fired Gallant is taking his role as Interim Head Coach. Odd right? It’s a mess. We’re being called a laughing stock again and its making me hurt in a mental way. Vinnie Viola is getting torn to shreds for being a non hockey guy firing a hockey guy. Gallant by all accounts is a good guy according to everyone and my personal opinion included. I don’t hand those out all willy nilly. I seriously hope for the best for Gallant. Maybe he enjoys life as the 1st ever Head Coach of the Vegas Golden Knights? Lord knows according to a large large sentiment of Panthers and Hockey fans in general are hoping he “Coaches for Vegas and comes back and kicks Florida’s Ass!”Listen I liked the guy as HC too but I don’t share the exact same sentiment because i still want this team to win a cup so I’ll just hope he has a great season as the HC for Vegas and wins like a relatively large amount of cash playing the slots at Ceasars. The only other sentiment that’s being shared on the web is that the Islanders should fire Capuano to show accountability. It’s crazy because I have to have blind faith in an ex-military personnel to run a Hockey team but at some points during this season I have had moments thinking this team was just too damn talented to be where they were right now. Probably wont help immediately since the team liked Gallant and now there’s a growing sentiment that the players are disagreeing with management. So here’s to hoping we beat Chicago on Tuesday and some how trend upward and make a play off spot and hope these photos of Gerard Gallant waiting for a cab outside PNC won’t come back to haunt me Lane Kiffen style

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