Panthers Fall To Tampa 4-3 In An Overtime Shootout. Trocheck Discovered NHL Equivalent Of The Tuck Rule


Wild game. Never felt the should be rivalry really but tonight felt like they were playing some playoff level hockey at some points and it’s only game 3. First night for Reimer in net and despite the score being 4-3 lightning, the shot attempts were pretty much down to even on both sides and we’re not exactly playing a lottery team here. It’s potential Stanley Cup favorites we’re talking about and the Panthers could’ve had it end their way if the game was cut short 5 seconds. Had another chance to win it on an empty net earlier but like the previous 60 minutes, Panthers were a little bit too conservative with the puck and decided not to shoot. Tough luck but it’s over and we go back home to get ready for another juggernaut of an opponent in The Capitals.

Things to take away though, Colton Sceviour scored a short handed goal with a feed from D-Mac for his 2nd goal of the season. Trocheck tied us up in the third and Mike Matheson got his 1st NHL goal and really has been making his arrival in the NHL well known and is still learning to be better. Have high hopes on Matheson but so far we like what he brings to the table after the purge of some fan favorites in the D core.

Of course after that Matheson goal, Stamkos fucked us in the ass by literally burying one with FIVE seconds left. Five seconds away from being on top of The Atlantic and taking the 1st of the I-75 rivalry. What ever. More interestingly though, is young Vinnie Trocheck discovering what is essentially the NHL Overtime equivalent of the Tuck Rule during a little controversial call in a shootout goal.

Banana’s. No one in Florida thought that was a good goal besides Trocheck and who ever was in Toronto making that call. Did Trocheck fumble the puck in a shot attempt? Was Brady tucking the ball back in? Did Charles Woodson sack Trocheck? Sometimes it’s best to let things go their course with out getting in the way. More likely than not Trocheck was trying to swipe the puck in but lost control of it and should’ve ended the game right there. Especially wouldn’t matter since Tampa ended up winning after Ekblad failed in shoot out but who knows man. If Florida goes on to win that game it could’ve sparked some real hatred between the two clubs. Who knows Maybe Trocheck ends up leading this team to 4 rings over a 20 year dynasty reign.

H/T Stephanie @Myregularface and Pete @PeteBlackburn

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