Woman Goes Off On A Guy For Sexually Harassing Her By Saying Hello To Her

This is what the world has come to huh? A person says hello and its almost becomes equivalent to raping a girl. Fucking A. Basically what this woman wants is a cold ass society where no one speaks to anyone and for hate to develop and tensions between people grow to an alarming rate. Its corny as fuck but i want a peaceful society. Back when I was living in Orlando i use to walk my dog in the rich people neighborhood and wave and say hi to everyone that passed by. It was nice and builds your spirit. But every now and then I would give someone a wave and a hello and they would look at me like I was a social pariah with no hello back. Literally the second they don’t say hi id give them a shrugged shoulder and tell them they’re dead to me out loud. Don’t care if they have a wild gunman rain a hail of gunfire on them 5 feet away from me. If you don’t have it in you to say hello back you’re an asshole and I could care less about your fate. I didn’t make the decision, you did. Oh and if I say hello and you accuse me of sexual harassment and start making a scene all because I was trying to be friendly with everyone, then I hope all the bad things in the world happens to you. And I might call you a cunt.

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