Why The Fuck Does Verne Troyer Get A Free Pair Of Yeezys?

Look I don’t hate the guy. He was a long time side character to a famous Iconic movie series growing up in the 90/2000s. But yo how is Verne Troyer famous enough to get free pair of Yeezys sent to him in special toddler sizes. Is he like super chill with Kanye or something I don’t know about? I haven’t even thought of the guy since like whenever they last showed Austin Powers on TBS 5 years after the movie hit theaters. I know this is coming off as a hater move, but the sneaker game is something any regular guy wants to jump into. Never owned a pair of Jordans, never had Air Force Ones. I always had some basic ass regular reeboks or some skater shoes cause that’s what was hot growing up. Nowadays I wear some nice clarks because they give me a little lift and cause i think that somehow if i wear nicer shoes or boots, girls wont notice im fat and gross with messy hair. Don’t get me wrong I like them but I remember the day back in 6th grade when this black kid named Germain said he liked my reeboks cause “they was the original black man shoes” and ever since then I felt like i needed to make the leap into fresh kicks but never did and it plagues me to this day and even more knowing that somehow Mini-me is getting hooked up for free. It’s such a random pick, it would be like if Meatloaf suddenly got hooked up with Yeezys a note from KimYe.  What the fuck, Kanye. Hook a blogger up.

P.s- Yeezys still remind me of those water shoes old ladies would wear by the pool. But if they’re hot i want them

P.P.S- This picture of Shaq palming Verne Troyers head/body is hilarious


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