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Woman Goes Off On A Guy For Sexually Harassing Her By Saying Hello To Her

This is what the world has come to huh? A person says hello and its almost becomes equivalent to raping a girl. Fucking A. Basically what this woman wants is a cold ass society where no one speaks to anyone and for hate to develop and tensions between people grow to an alarming rate. Its corny as fuck but i want a peaceful society. Back when I was living in Orlando i use to walk my dog in the rich people neighborhood and wave and say hi to everyone that passed by. It was nice and builds your spirit. But every now and then I would give someone a wave and a hello and they would look at me like I was a social pariah with no hello back. Literally the second they don’t say hi id give them a shrugged shoulder and tell them they’re dead to me out loud. Don’t care if they have a wild gunman rain a hail of gunfire on them 5 feet away from me. If you don’t have it in you to say hello back you’re an asshole and I could care less about your fate. I didn’t make the decision, you did. Oh and if I say hello and you accuse me of sexual harassment and start making a scene all because I was trying to be friendly with everyone, then I hope all the bad things in the world happens to you. And I might call you a cunt.

Lady Has A Shit Fit When She Gets Green Peppers Instead Of Red Peppers


Someone needs to knock this bitch off her tower. Look, I’ve worked in the restaurant biz for so long and seen so many god damn ridiculous things but the fact that this bitch is complaining because she got green peppers instead of red fucking peppers is by far the most ridiculous thing I have every seen or heard in my life. Teaching kids that the customer is right is one of the most asshole things in the planet. Teach your kids to take the world as it comes whether its green peppers instead of red. Suck it the fuck up and eat the stupid pepper you assholes. From what i gather they were getting kabobs? Who the fuck cares, the main thing is that is meat. If you’re children are so spoiled that they wont eat something because of its color then i hope they fucking choke on that shit. Literally hearing it come out of this ladies mouth that her kids dont eat anything green might be the most ridiculous things ever. I never wanted to hit a girl in the face. But if some female version of me is out there, i hope she cold clocks this bitch right in her face

The most embarrassing part though if the end. If you get into a yelling match with someone (even though the other party isn’t yelling) You lose all authority when you accidentally walk into a door because its a pull and not a push. Part of me wishes it was like a worldstar video where a billion black guys loose their shit laughing hysterically at this bitch cause she walks into the door at the end. The other side automatically wins.