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Why The Fuck Does Verne Troyer Get A Free Pair Of Yeezys?

Look I don’t hate the guy. He was a long time side character to a famous Iconic movie series growing up in the 90/2000s. But yo how is Verne Troyer famous enough to get free pair of Yeezys sent to him in special toddler sizes. Is he like super chill with Kanye or something I don’t know about? I haven’t even thought of the guy since like whenever they last showed Austin Powers on TBS 5 years after the movie hit theaters. I know this is coming off as a hater move, but the sneaker game is something any regular guy wants to jump into. Never owned a pair of Jordans, never had Air Force Ones. I always had some basic ass regular reeboks or some skater shoes cause that’s what was hot growing up. Nowadays I wear some nice clarks because they give me a little lift and cause i think that somehow if i wear nicer shoes or boots, girls wont notice im fat and gross with messy hair. Don’t get me wrong I like them but I remember the day back in 6th grade when this black kid named Germain said he liked my reeboks cause “they was the original black man shoes” and ever since then I felt like i needed to make the leap into fresh kicks but never did and it plagues me to this day and even more knowing that somehow Mini-me is getting hooked up for free. It’s such a random pick, it would be like if Meatloaf suddenly got hooked up with Yeezys a note from KimYe.  What the fuck, Kanye. Hook a blogger up.

P.s- Yeezys still remind me of those water shoes old ladies would wear by the pool. But if they’re hot i want them

P.P.S- This picture of Shaq palming Verne Troyers head/body is hilarious


Someone mixed Kanye’s VMA Rant With The Seinfeld Intro Music

The Internet’s a real beautiful thing sometimes when we can mash an eccentric rapper/artist/fashion designer’s rant with one of the most popular comedic sitcoms of all time and create a master piece. Everything about it was perfect. Its almost the exact comedic timing of all the Seinfeld intro and all the laughing tracks fell exactly into place. I’ve watch this clip a billion times now and now i can’t even begin to think this was once on a serious rant of a comedic routine Because it fits in that good. Just A+.