2 Non-Trump Supporters Get Kicked Out And Publicly Embarrassed At Trump Rally.

Published on Jan 6, 2016

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The two men featured in the video are Kiernan Majerus-Collins (featured left) and Jason Paul (featured right). For news comment, please contact: harrison_walsh@watkinson.org.

Trump supporters destroy signs saying “America Is Already Great” and “God Bless President Obama”.

The incident happened Monday night, January 4, at the rally in Lowell, MA. The two gentlemen in the video were holding signs while sitting in their seats—not blocking views or otherwise antagonizing the crowd—they were causing no disruption. They quickly found themselves overwhelmed by the crowd, and kicked out because, according to one police officer: “[The crowd] wants you gone.”

Absolutely destroyed by mob mentality for these two dudes. Look I’m not a Trump supporter because what limited intellect I have knows that he’s not the guy to run a god damn country. But if you’re going to go to a Trump rally, you gotta come more prepared than just with your friend with a cardboard sign written with a sharpie probably 5 minutes during his speech. Maybe bring a megaphone or do the sign with red white and blue, I don’t know, but that was the worst sign to have in enemy territory next to those D- “Fence” signs at football games. Your pal was holding a sign about Obama even though he can’t run for next term. Its pointless. You gotta come prepared to stand for what ever the fuck you believe in or else you end up getting publicly disemboweled like you did. Once the one dude up top called you out, it was over for you. The mob started brewing and then you get your sign torn to bits and you’re basically dead at that point with a thousand people with flaming pitchforks trying to burn you to the ground. What was the final move that killed these two though? Right at the 58 second mark when the prick who ripped their pathetic sign and said they look like Hilary. Done. That wasn’t a security guard escorting you off the premises. It was the pallbearer about to lay you to rest, because when a guy is called a 68 year old women who dresses in a rainbow variety of pant suits, you die inside.

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