The Dolphins Might Not Win Another Game This Season


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.09.08 AM


Well that was a brutal loss on Sunday. Tannehill Tannehilled again with another botched snap leading to a safety which is becoming a common occurrence with Tannehill. To me its like when you notice one car that you dont see often and then every asshole on the road has one. Well once you see a Tannehill botched snap you should put an over total bet on how many more he’s got for the rest of the season. Not a good way to start an offense. All of this didnt help when they couldn’t push in a TD right before halftime at 1st and Goal from the 1 yard line, from there it was over. A little hopeful lights with Miller and Ajayi. A Nice trick play from Juice throwing to Tannehill. But that was all shattered when Tannehill Fumbled a ball into a Bills hand at the Dolphins 40. Another frustrating week. All hope lost and sitting at the bottom of the division.

Does it get better? meh, not hopeful. Eagles Im pretty sure we’ll lose to. Cowboys Romo should be back and they employ a woman beater so that one probably wont look good. Jets, well I’ll pray every night that we get Geno Smith at QB, but i also haven’t won the lottery yet either so that’s doubtful. Ravens is a coin flip for me. Obviously they stink but who stinks worse? A QB who’s won a Superbowl or a Wide receiver moonlighting as a QB who lets snaps fly by his face. Exactly. Now comes the NY Giants. This is one game im expecting the Dolphins to win. Why? Simple.maxresdefault

I believe the common parlance is “Its Lit.” And soon after that we they gotta fly all the way to San Diego to take on Mike Brady and the Chargers so im just gonna mark that in the loss column. After that its Andrew Luck who’s fighting form becoming a laughing stock and then we go home to RIP with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as the Pallbearer.

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