Uber Driver Not Pleased With His Drunk Passenger, Also Not Pleased When His Passenger Smacks And Punches Him From The Back Seat.



Now no one obviously wants to deal with a bully. Sure it sucks that you got your brain rattled by a punch to the side of the head and got your hair nearly ripped from your skull. It sucks. But what also sucks is being so drunk you cant sit up straight and then getting abandoned in the middle of no where when all you want to do is get home and eat left over pizza or to a chicks place so you can try to finger her long enough till your dick wears off the booze. That REALLY sucks. I mean not like this is the best Uber driver ever either where he doesn’t deserve this kind of thing. Fucking doing tokyo drift moves on that u-turn and cant drive to fucking Park Newport. Thats all he needed to go is Park Newport. And no music bumping through the aux cord? I dont know how uber driver ratings work because we drive our selves here but id give him the equivalent to an F.

Also I gotta imagine this should be a good thing for the Uber driver right? Guys not giving you clear directions because he’s hammered so you just let the tab run into the billions and at the end of the trip tell him you charged him a million dollars because he kept saying go east instead of west or something. Like I think that was the whole platform for uber is keep drunk people from driving and charging them hundreds because they can’t speak right. Its a pretty good platform until you end up having to mace someone I guess.

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