Man Brings His GoPro Into A Rattlesnake Pit Because Why Not?


Look some people are fine with snakes, a lot of rational people aren’t fine with snakes. To go even further, some people want all things that slither and are venomous launched into the sun. I fall into that category. Don’t get me wrong, I like animals. Love my dog, a nice deer, a furry little rabbit, I’m cool with that. Snakes aren’t animals though, in my mind. They’re biblical creatures representing evil power, and i watched this video with my asshole clenched the entire time and for that, i want them all launched into the sun. But I’m not gonna lie, i kind of like the idea that these rattle snakes are all consolidated into one area. Don’t mean to sound too crazy but looking at that pit feels like the seen in Inglorious Bastards when they trap all the Nazi’s in a movie theater and just set them all ablaze in a hail of gunfire. Yea I don’t even want to entertain the thought of a million rattle snakes in one area, but If it means picking them off the planet by machine gun fire then I’ll settle for it.

P.s.- How about this being in probably Texas or Arizona and the guy has a hockey stick on hand? Its not nearly long enough for me to feel like I’m at a safe distance trying to balance a GoPro cam on the blade of my stick but still just shocked he had one.

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