Crocodile Gets His Arm Ruthlessly Ripped off

Well fucking A, Zookeeper. Maybe throw more than one chicken in the feeding pit filled with hungry primordial like dinosaur of a reptiles and you wont have your talent that bring in money to your zoo eating each others arms off. Is that the plan here? Just slowly let these crocs murder each other? I mean its just got one bum wheel now but theres no way that its gonna survive in the yard with a bunch of other crocs that got all 4 of their legs working. I mean they only had one chicken to feed, I kinda think their play here is to let them all just fuck up the croc till nothings left but bones. Fucking food chain, circle of life, and nature all come into play here.

Either way that audience kinda got their moneys worth. Normally you go to a zoo and its a lot of animals just sitting their. Well not this place. Sure you kinda put your life at risk when its a pit full of hungry crocs and only separated by a janky metal chain link fence that looks like you  can push and slide right under it and get your ass eaten. But that didnt happen so its a win for the spectators and for the zoo. Only loser is that croc that is going to for sure die.

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