What Does Joe Philbin Do To Ready A Team During Pre-Season? He Cancels Walk Through And Takes Everyone To See Straight Outta Compton

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 8.12.00 PM

Love it. Nothing says confidence like taking the fellas out have a nice bonding experience and watch the hit biopic about the worlds most notorious rap group instead of doing boring walk throughs in a preseason game. Team bonding between coach and players. Yea Philbins about to enter his 4th season with the Dolphins trying to fight mediocrity. But just maybe Philbins gonna change up his coaching method and he knows this seasons gonna get past .500 mark. This isnt sarcasm either. Its me buying into Philbin in a last chance of desperation.

-It’s also just funny thinking about an old white guy in a theater packed with big NFL players, a majority of them being black.

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