I Hate These Drunk Assholes Who Ruined This Guys Sand Castle

Dutch holiday goers destroying this man's sand sculpture Poor man. He's building it up again. Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d4b_1440077690&use_old_player=1#TFM0VmCjeZrzVAOh.99

Dutch holiday goers destroying this man’s sand sculpture
Poor man. He’s building it up again.
VIDEO LINK HERE at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d4b_1440077690&use_old_player=1#TFM0VmCjeZrzVAOh.99

Look we all get it. When you’re drunk sometimes you make a mistake. Bump a car drunk driving back home, get into a fight because you drunkenly bump into someone. It happens. Things just go 0 to 100 outta no where sometimes. But fuck these assholes. I don’t even think they’re drunk, i just saw one guy sipping a can so assumed but either way fuck these guys. Yea i think that a grown man building a sandcastle is weird but if he’s working on his sand castle you’re an ass if you just run through it with your buddies like a battering ram ruining his life’s work. The guys dedicated to that fucking sandcastle. I mean he’s building that thing in the middle of the night. Guy doesn’t have much in life going on right now besides that sandcastle and you’re just being a dick about it knocking out the back side wall and flanking left tower. And thats where i gotta respect this sand castle guy. Dude i think stayed up through the night just rebuilding his sandcastle not throwing a fit or anything. Shit like this probably happens often in the sand castle game. Guy just puts his nose to the grindstone and build it back up.

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