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Asshole Drivers In Pick Up Trucks Are Doing Donuts on The Highway in Albuquerque

The only thing good to come from Albuquerque is Breaking Bad. I dont even think theres anything good about New Mexico. Kinda makes sense to have Breaking Bad take place there. I mean shit if theres literally nothing to do in that god forsaken state other than doing donuts on the highway then you might as well just develop a crystal meth addiction. That way at least you Dont bother anyone. Driving a pick up truck like an asshole doing donuts and interrupting peoples day sounds like just about one of the most annoying things on the planet. If you cause any ounce of a traffic build up just for your own fun to think your a bad ass, you just deserve to get shot. Im not saying dying or anything but shoot up their truck, blow out the tires, hit them. Its all warranted and deserved. Kicked the ladder out from under them and put them back in their place when all 4 tires and all the side paneling has holes in them with the police arriving at the scene.

I Hate These Drunk Assholes Who Ruined This Guys Sand Castle

Dutch holiday goers destroying this man's sand sculpture Poor man. He's building it up again. Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d4b_1440077690&use_old_player=1#TFM0VmCjeZrzVAOh.99

Dutch holiday goers destroying this man’s sand sculpture
Poor man. He’s building it up again.
VIDEO LINK HERE at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=d4b_1440077690&use_old_player=1#TFM0VmCjeZrzVAOh.99

Look we all get it. When you’re drunk sometimes you make a mistake. Bump a car drunk driving back home, get into a fight because you drunkenly bump into someone. It happens. Things just go 0 to 100 outta no where sometimes. But fuck these assholes. I don’t even think they’re drunk, i just saw one guy sipping a can so assumed but either way fuck these guys. Yea i think that a grown man building a sandcastle is weird but if he’s working on his sand castle you’re an ass if you just run through it with your buddies like a battering ram ruining his life’s work. The guys dedicated to that fucking sandcastle. I mean he’s building that thing in the middle of the night. Guy doesn’t have much in life going on right now besides that sandcastle and you’re just being a dick about it knocking out the back side wall and flanking¬†left tower. And thats where i gotta respect this sand castle guy. Dude i think stayed up through the night just rebuilding his sandcastle not throwing a fit or anything. Shit like this probably happens often in the sand castle game. Guy just puts his nose to the grindstone and build it back up.